Toronto Or Vancouver?

Many immigrants have gone through the process of selecting a Canadian city in which to grow their roots. For many, the choices boil down to two places: Toronto, Ontario or Vancouver British Columbia. Indeed, the statistics say much of how appealing these two cities are to new and prospective immigrants. In 2019, the province of … Read more


GCMS Notes

Ask any immigrant in Canada about their Canada immigration experience, and many of them will say that it was a period of much anxiety and uncertainty. Often, they would talk about their feelings of anxiety and anticipation before they got their CoPR (confirmation of Permanent Residence). Indeed, waiting for the decision of Immigration, refugees, and … Read more

Cellphones for Newcomers in Canada

Ask any newcomer about the things they think they’ll spend money on, and you will likely get four responses: Rent Utilities Food Transportation Indeed, these are non-negotiable essentials. Yet, here is something to think about: Making the move to another country comes with a set of new challenges. Doing so exposes a prospective newcomer to … Read more

Social Insurance Number for Newcomers

For newcomers like you, securing the proper documentation in Canada is important to legally do anything. For instance, being eligible for health services requires a health card from your province. Also, to drive, you will need to get a Canadian driver’s license from your province. But, first, one of the very first things to get … Read more

How to Get Your Driver’s License in Canada

One of the charms of moving to Canada is that because the country is so huge, driving can be a huge joy. Even within the cities, the orderly way of driving cars and following rules of the road and road signs can make for a pleasant experience on the road. A Canadian driver’s license also … Read more

Can I Bring My Pet to Canada?

Leaving those you hold near and dear to you can be tough. And, this can especially be true if you are leaving behind your pet. In many of our cultures, pets are part of the family. So, in immigrating to Canada, you feel sad at not bringing your furry (or feathered) friend along. It almost … Read more


The Newcomer’s Canada Winter Guide

Picture this.  You spent most of your life in a country that has a tropical climate. So, in this country, a typical summer day with temperatures above 20 degrees is normal for you. You have lived with this for many years. Hence, sweating profusely and donning cool clothing (if any, at all) has become quite … Read more

Bank Accounts for Newcomers to Canada

As a new resident of Canada, you want to integrate yourself into its society. There are several steps to do this. There is getting a driver’s license. Enrolling in health insurance is also a must. And, last but not the least, you need to get yourself a bank account. Signing up for a bank account … Read more


How to Find a Rental Apartment in Toronto

If you’re moving to Canada, your first or second choice would have been Toronto. There’s a reason why people all over the world, and even Americans, are moving to Toronto in record numbers.  Why?  Toronto is the most multicultural city in North America. Maybe even the world. It has the professional and business advantages of … Read more