Life in Canada

Canadian Work Experience

Like many immigrants to Canada, I dreamed of living in the land of the free. I wished, for me and my family, to lead happy and fulfilling lives in the Great North. The day I received news of my Canadian visa approval; it was exhilarating. It felt like all the tough days were past me. … Read more

How to Find a Job in Canada for Newcomers and Immigrants

Whether you’re immigrating to Canada for a brand new start, to be closer to family, or for another reason, you’re going to have to find a job to support yourself. Unfortunately, job opportunities aren’t often just handed out and as an immigrant, you’re going to face an uphill battle when it comes to the job … Read more

Cover Letters for Jobs in Canada

Being able to write a good cover letter is crucial to entering the workforce anywhere in the world, including, of course, Canada. More often than not, jobs that pay more than minimum wage will require a cover letter, which means it’s important to know how to write one that gets your potential employer’s attention. Not … Read more

Living in Ottawa

Moving to a new country can be daunting — even more so when you relocate to a big city like Ottawa, Ontario. Canada’s capital city, Ottawa shares a border with Quebec and has a rich, family-friendly culture with plenty of fun things to do after the sun goes down. Making the adjustment to living in … Read more

Resume Writing in Canada: Formats, Tips, and How To Be Successful

While having a resume, regardless of what type it is, is always going to be beneficial when relocating to a new country, you will be more successful when your resume reflects one of the common resume types that employers see in that country. This being said, it’s important to present potential employers with a Canadian-style … Read more


How To Become A Doctor In Canada From Another Country

Everywhere in the world, there is a demand for health care workers. As Canada continues to experience problems associated with an ageing population, more and more physicians are needed. For this reason, Canada’s immigration programs have been opened to doctors. In particular, the Express Entry System’s Federal Skilled Worker Program allows physicians to apply for … Read more


The Best Part-Time Jobs In Canada

Canada has a reputation for being a country with many opportunities. Left and right, small and big businesses seek workers. As a result, businesses in Canada are opening their doors to more workers. This has led to gradual drops in the country’s unemployment rate. In fact, in 2019, joblessness in Canada reached an all-time low … Read more

muslim community in canada

Muslim Community In Canada

The events of September 11, 2002, have caused many to have an unflattering view of Muslims. Since that time, Muslims have had to endure their share of marginalization. In many parts of the world, xenophobia towards foreign nationals has accentuated public opinion towards the said group. While Muslims experience discrimination in many other parts of … Read more


Filipino Immigration To Canada

Canada’s issues with an ageing population have opened many opportunities for various immigrants. This state of affairs engenders demand in the areas of healthcare and hospitality- two sectors that the Canadian government struggles to fill. This is where Filipinos come in. From nurses to caregivers, the Philippines has been one of Canada’s go-to countries for … Read more

highest paying trades in canada

The Highest-Paying Trades In Canada

Canada attracts skilled workers from all over the globe. It has remained one of the top countries for immigrants. In fact, a 2020 listicle by US News places Canada at the top of the list when it comes to the best countries for immigrants. Each year, Canada welcomes at least 200,000 immigrants. Recent data from … Read more