Cost Of Living In Mississauga

Immigrating to Canada requires a long-term mentality. By long-term, we mean settling for a long time. This means that plans should not just be made for oneself but one’s family. Declared a city in 1974, Mississauga is a city West of Toronto. Both Toronto and Mississauga are along the shores of Lake Ontario, with the … Read more

Cost Of Living In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

As the smallest Canadian province by area, Prince Edward Island has gained popularity among immigrants recently. As of 2019, the province attracted roughly 2,267 new immigrants. While this does pale in comparison to Ontario’s and Quebec’s numbers, this is a lot of immigrants by Atlantic standards. Prince Edward Island shares one thing with other provinces. … Read more


Why study in Canada?

People come to Canada for a wide array of reasons. Some wish to immigrate for a better quality of life. There are others who just want to take in the Great White North’s beauty. And others just want to sample the local poutine and maple syrup. But, to the rest, Canada is deemed the country … Read more

Cost Of Living In Hamilton, Ontario

When most people think of Ontario, they think “Toronto”. This is not surprising. After all, the Maple Leafs and Drake have done well to market this Canadian city to the rest of the world. Whether or not this has engendered the high immigration rates of Ontario is uncertain. All we know is that Toronto is … Read more

Free Courses For New Immigrants In Canada

The Canadian government has many advocacies. One of them is employment for immigrants.  To attract immigrants, it has taken steps to help the average immigrant find a job. These steps come in the form of courses that immigrants could take upon arrival. These courses offer immigrants everything from language training to employment skills. To ensure … Read more

Do Immigrants Get Free Dental Care in Canada?

Canada has many positive things in common with other developed countries. One of them is its comprehensive healthcare system. Because of its demographics, the Canadian government invests a large sum of its financial resources on health care. Also, to “entice” immigration, the government advertises this fact to many other countries.  Everyone knows that in Canada, … Read more

What You Need To Know About Canada’s School System

Got any children of your own? If not, do you plan on having any? Whether you are a parent or planning to be one, the school will be in your list of priorities. It might even be one of your reasons for immigration. After all, you do want a chance at better opportunities in life. … Read more