IMM 1017 | A Complete Breakdown Of The Form And FAQs

What Is An IMM 1017 Form? For every visa application, you will need to submit a medical report form to declare your sound health which is a very important part of your visa application journey. The IMM 1017E is needed if anyone wishes to stay, study, and work in Canada for more than 6 months. … Read more

IMM 5645 | Tips & FAQs On Using The Family Information Form

What Is The IMM 5645 Form? An IMM 5645 Form is an essential part of your temporary residence or visitor visa application forms. The IMM5645 will need to be submitted to the IRCC along with other vital documents as part of the temporary residence or visitor visa requirements. Who Needs To Fill And Complete The … Read more

IMM 5709 | How To Fill & Submit Your Study Permit Extension

What Is An IMM 5709? To apply for a Study Permit extension, you will need to complete and submit an IMM 5709 application form. This form is completed online and you will need an active passport and have applied for the extension within a minimum of 30 days before your permit is set to expire. … Read more

IMM 5710 | Tips & FAQs For Your Work Permit Extension Form

What is An IMM 5710 Form? The IMM 5710 Form is a document that you use when you want to extend the duration of your stay and continue to work in Canada if you are a temporary resident. Who Can Apply With An IMM 5710 Form? As a temporary resident, you can use the IMM … Read more

IMM 1442 Visitor Record | A Complete Breakdown

What is An IMM 1442 Form? An IMM 1442 is a temporary residence permit and visitor record that authorizes you to enter or continue to stay in Canada. Because the IMM 1442 contents differ depending on the nature of your visa, your visitor record and temporary residence will be different depending if you’re studying, working, … Read more

Top 10 Immigration Consultants In Hamilton, Ontario

Finding affordable, reliable, and experienced immigration consultants is often stressful. This article details the top 10 consultants in Hamilton, Ontario. Affordable Immigration and Paralegal Support (R507556) Affordable Immigration and Paralegal Support is a consulting firm based in Hamilton, Canada, and was founded to help those seeking a new life in Canada who are burdened by … Read more

Top 10 Immigration Consultants in Ottawa, Canada

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