Why study in Canada?

People come to Canada for a wide array of reasons. Some wish to immigrate for a better quality of life. There are others who just want to take in the Great White North’s beauty. And others just want to sample the local poutine and maple syrup.

But, to the rest, Canada is deemed the country to hit the books in. In fact, in 2019, Canada had hosted more than 642,000 international students. This makes it one of the top 3 most popular choices for overseas students.

And, why would it not be? Canada does, after all, accommodate students from a myriad of countries.  It provides opportunities for post-graduate employment along with reasonable tuition fees. Add the wonders of a temperate climate, and you get a Country that you would like to call home.

If you are still considering your options, we have a laundry list of reasons for you to get your Canadian student visa. So, why should you study in Canada? Let us count the ways.

Canadian society is multicultural

Let us be honest. You (or any other student) would be uneasy about immigrating because the customs of a new country may be alien. Due to the unfamiliarity of many things, you could get nervous at the thought of staying for a long time.

Fortunately, in Canada, this is not going to be a problem. Canada has a long history of hosting immigrants from different nationalities. Canada is very accepting of many cultures.

This means two things:

First, you do not have to worry about discrimination.

And second, there is a chance that you would find others from the same nationality as yourself.

Canadian society is safe and healthy

As an international student, you could expect the same level of protection from the government. The government protects immigrants and international students along with its own citizens.

In addition, in many provinces, you will be able to avail of free health services under your province’s health care plan.

Degrees and qualifications from Canadian educational institutions are recognized internationally

Whether it is a degree in engineering or one in nursing, any degree from a Canadian university has international recognition. This means that if you earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you could use it as part of your application for a job in a hospital in any other country.

You could learn English or French

Because Canada is bilingual (there are 2 official languages), you will easily be able to find places to improve your English. For those who wish to learn French, this is possible with many language schools being easy to access.

So, still choosing a country? Choisissez le Canada (“Choose Canada”, in English)!

Studying here will not “break the bank”

Everyone is worried that education anywhere is expensive. In Contrast, Canada has some of the most affordable tuition fees anywhere else. In fact, it probably has the cheapest tuition fees of any English-speaking country.

Four seasons. And we do not mean the flavor!

This is something you might already know. But, you get to experience winter, spring, summer, and fall in Canada. If you are unfamiliar, know that Canadian winters, autumns, and springs are just beautiful.

Untouched nature and vibrant cities

why study in canada

You either love the great outdoors in your countryside or the hustle-and-bustle of the city.

Nature-lovers are thrilled at the fact that much of Canada is a vast wilderness. Many of the national parks, hills, and coasts become playgrounds for those who are fond of the great outdoors. The natural environment can also provide an escape for the city slicker in you.

City life in the Great North attracts many from within and outside the country. Some like Ottawa and Quebec, though modern, give you a glimpse of the colonial past with their architecture and design. And, the unique nightlife could give you many reasons to stay and look forward to Fridays.

No place strikes the perfect balance between nature and the city. Except Canada!

Friendly environment

You could feel even more at ease to know of the friendliness of Canadians. To foreigners, this sounds too good to be true. It probably even does to you. But, here is the truth: Canadians really are among the friendliest people on the planet!

This is even true for the social and learning environments of universities. Students are encouraged to verbalize issues and misunderstandings constructively. And professors serve as friendly and approachable guides, teaching learners (like you) to be independent in your academic endeavors.

High standard of living

Alongside the permanent residents and citizens, you could enjoy a high standard of living in Canada. The health care, which you could access freely, covers many services. With as many as 1387 television stations and a well-developed IT infrastructure for internet connections, information and entertainment are top-notch.

And, speaking of entertainment, Canadian cities and campuses host a large number of theatrical performances, galleries, and cultural activities. All of these will be available to you.

Internet connectivity in campuses

As an international leader in computer and information technology, the Canadian government has taken massive steps to connect schools and universities to the internet.

For you, you will find student life made easier with the aid of fast internet connectivity within your university’s premises.

You could work while you study

The Canadian government permits international students to work for up to 20 hours every week. This helps supplement their finances in the course of their study in the country.

But, during breaks, you could legally work for up to 30 hours. You do not need to secure a work permit for either on-campus or off-campus work. That choice is totally up to you!

Food! Glorious food!

With English, French (mostly), and Scottish influences, Canadian cuisine has a variety of savory foods and sweets. The blend of food you could find in the same place or establishment gives you an idea of the country’s history as a haven for migrants.

Introduce your palette to classics like salmon jerky and Montreal bagels.

Poutine is arguably the national dish. In fact, each province has an annual “poutine week” when you could enjoy this dish’s mix of fries and cheese curds.

Do you like syrup on your waffles? Where do you think that syrup comes from? Canada is known for one other thing- maple syrup.

Research opportunities

Canada’s science and technology industry is well-developed for a reason. Government and private companies collaborate in projects to contribute to the medical, agricultural, technological, and even educational sectors. What does this mean for you?

Part of this collaboration is enlisting the help of students. So, you could bet that academic research in the fields mentioned above gets much-needed support.

If you have a knack for research, this is the country to be in.

You can drive here!

Most countries have strict driving regulations for those who are not citizens. In the case of Canada, this is not the case.

Depending on the province you opt for, as an international student, you are eligible to drive. Hate taking the bus? No problem.

Well-rounded campus lifestyle

You have heard about how universities equip students with the knowledge they need. But, Canadian universities also prioritize the overall development of their graduates. For this reason, campuses allow for a life outside of the classroom and library.

campus in canada for immigrants

Often, you will find facilities like concert halls, sports facilities, and student-managed media on campus. It is almost like you do not need to leave the university. Be a student in one, and you will have everything you need.

You could get a degree faster

Often, the length of time to complete a degree in countries such as (but not only) the Philippines, India, Singapore, China, and Japan is 4 years.

With the Canadian tertiary education’s emphasis on independent learning, you could get a bachelor’s degree in as little as 3 years. If you happen to be a graduate student, you could earn your master’s degree in as short a time as 1 year!

Art is important

Are you a big fan of visual art?

Canadians recognize the importance of artistic expression on their culture. This is recognized at all levels of society including the government. For this reason, art galleries abound in the different metropolitan parts of the country like Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal.

You could see the Northern Lights

Nightfall. The great outdoors. Add some magnetic disturbance in Earth’s atmosphere, and you get Aurora Borealis better known as the Northern lights. This beautiful spectacle of colorful dancing lights in the sky can be seen in only a few places on Earth. And, the great thing about Canada is that its areas in the North are examples of these places.

If you want to see the Northern lights, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are the places to visit.

So, you get to study and live in a country where the Northern lights are accessible.

You could gain work experience right after graduating

By earning a diploma from a university, you make yourself eligible for a work program. This will allow you to gain work experience. And, work experience is very important when you start to look for a job in Canada later on.

The possibility to immigrate

For any other country, your right to stay expires with your student visa.

There are many programs that will help you stay longer after graduating. Besides the post-graduate work program (see number 19 on this list), there is the Federal Economic Immigration and Provincial Nominee streams. These will help you transition to permanent residency status. And, to qualify, you just need study and work experience in a province.

You will actually be helping the country out

To simply put it, Canada needs international students like you. The Canadian government does not see international students as a way to profit universities or itself. But, rather, students from abroad are viewed as valuable resources. Canada recognizes the possible contribution of students, be it in research or work.

Canada invests much in its educational infrastructure for this reason. So, if you choose to study here, you will have an opportunity to enhance yourself and contribute to the country.     


We have gone over 21 reasons for studying in Canada. Surely, the sheer number of reasons was enough to make your decision easier.

Canada is a beautiful, safe, healthy, peaceful, and modern country. With all this being said, it is hard to think of a reason not to study here. So, are you still thinking of a country to study in? Let us say it again:

Choisissez le Canada!!! Once again, this means “choose Canada”. 

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