The Top 10 Immigration Consultants In Brampton

Brampton has shown itself to be a melting pot of cultures. So much so that 52% of its 600,000 residents are immigrants. For the past 5 years, immigration in this GTA-based suburban city has ballooned.

You could probably blame this on the city’s anthophilous appeal. Being the flower capital of Canada, it does attract its fair share of flower lovers. Not only that. The reassuring presence of a South Asian immigrant population does wonders to turn the heads of prospective newcomers.

To get here, you need to go about the Canadian immigration process the right way.

And, luckily, here is a list of the top 10 Brampton-based immigration consultants that could help you make your move to Brampton easier:

BIC Canada Immigration Inc (R407631)

BIC Canada Immigration Inc is at 811 Bovaird Drive W #24, Brampton, ON, Canada. This is a firm that boasts numerous 5-star ratings from its customers and clients. This immigration consultancy firm guarantees not only short processing times but also personalized assessment and coaching of clients throughout the whole immigration process.

Nowadays, websites are seen as indicators for how companies operate. If this is true, then BIC Canada Immigration Inc must take a direct straightforward approach to its clients. The company site has a very simple look to it, with the necessary information of its services. Simplicity and the right amount of information – everything people want in a site and a company. 

BIC Canada Immigration Inc specialized in all things immigration-related. Its most noteworthy service is for applications under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program and Provincial Nominee Program. These services of theirs generate rave reviews among its clients.

Here are some of their Google reviews from their grateful clients.

There are many more. The point is this. The success of BIC Canada Immigration Inc’s approach and success rate with visa applications speaks for itself. 

Jet Immigration (R419655)

This immigration consultancy firm has been around for more than a decade. 

From its business location at 2120 Northpark Drive, #3 Brampton, Jet Immigration caters to immigrants from 50 countries and counting. Offering its help to immigrants under various programs, this immigration consultancy firm shines in business visas and spousal sponsorships.

Not only does Jet Immigration provide an honest and free assessment of eligibility, but also personalized services in the documentation. And, with its team of seasoned Canadian immigration consultants, Jet Immigration has also represented its clients before the Canadian authorities.

Many applicants are pained with the hassle of going to different places for one immigration procedure. With Jet Immigration, this is not a problem. With its own biometric collection service, it becomes a one-stop-shop for all visa applications.

Purpose-driven and under the watchful eye of an experienced immigration consultant, Jet Immigration provides its clients what they need for their visa applications.

And, the reviews speak volumes of this immigration consultancy firm’s service.

This one was taken from the company’s main site.

Other clients agree.

Brampton Immigration Consultancy (R531513)

Brampton immigration Consultancy is located at 81 George Street S, Brampton. It also has branches in India as well as Sri Lanka. The firm offers some of the most comprehensive services for Express Entry, spousal sponsorships, and temporary visa programs.

Its partnerships with some of the best colleges in the Greater Toronto Area make it an ideal consultation firm for international students. The firm’s online eligibility assessments are free and include skills assessment as well as the Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. These are a must for applications under skilled programs. And, Brampton immigration Consultancy has them.

What is impressive about this firm is its reach and accessibility. You could find its branches in 2 different countries outside Canada, as mentioned earlier. Also, the company maintains a constant online presence. You could look them up on almost every social networking site you could think of.

With a presence like this, there is no doubting the company’s legitimacy and reputation. Brampton immigration Consultancy has garnered numerous 5-star reviews on Google. And, it has earned each star well.

Just look at what one Google review says.

Star Immigration Consultancy Inc (R508094/ R508207)

Star Immigration Consultancy Inc has been in the immigration consulting business for over 10 years. And, in that time, it has grown to be one of the most popular and respected firms for visa applicants.

Star Immigration Consultancy Inc has two branches in Brampton. One is at 373 Steeles Ave. West, Suite 205. The other is located at 8907 The Gore Road, Unit 18. Along with its partner office in Punjab, India, Star Immigration Consultancy Inc caters to all visa applicants under all immigration programs including refugees.

The firm displays its edge in spousal sponsorships, work permits, super visas, and applications under Canada’s provincial nominee program. Its student visa assistance service draws international students from all over the world.

Anyone would tell you that 10 years in any business is a long time. That sort of longevity comes with many things, including thousands of satisfied customers.

On the site, you’ll read that Star Immigration Consultancy Inc is a trusted name in immigration.

With its accomplishments, longevity, and number of satisfied clients, this can be a name you could trust as well.

Royal Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services (R419103)

2023 Williams Pkwy #4, Brampton is home to Royal Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services, a Canadian immigration consultancy firm 2 decades old. Services offered by this immigration firm range from the common student and working permits, to applications for permanent residency.

It offers a wide range of other services for typical Canadian visa assistance. On its main site, it advertises each. It particularly does its best work in family reunification. Family and spousal sponsorships make up a good number of the firm’s clientele.

Student visas and permanent residence visas are also this company’s strong-suits.

Besides its impeccable service, many clients remark upon the company’s responsiveness. Almost immediately, you could get a response to a query. As a result, many clients feel like their business matters.

Quick response time has a way of making clients feel important. Royal Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services takes this a step further. At times, its team also meets clients upon arrival at the airport!

A Brampton-based immigration consultancy firm that responds to questions quickly and meets you at the airport – what more could anyone ask?

7 Seas Immigration Inc. (R411327)

Some of us could get intimidated by the costs associated with Canadian immigration. Good thing a firm like 7 Seas Immigration Inc exists.

This immigration consultancy firm at 15 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 201, Brampton has provided affordable visa assistance services for almost 20 years. Not only does the firm promise to “slash” your visa application expenses, but it also promises to provide resettlement packages that could make your move to Canada smoother.

In 2019,  7 Seas Immigration Inc received the highest customer ratings in Child Care and Home support pilot programs. Employers also gave 5-star ratings to the firm due to the Labor Market Impact Assessment provided by the firm.

7 Seas Immigration Inc offers assistance for all visa applications. In addition to that, their representation in immigration appeals is also included in their laundry list of reasonably-priced services.

And, with offerings like these, it is no wonder that it has retained clients.

Who said that you needed to break the bank to immigrate to Canada? 7 Seas Immigration Inc could give you your money’s worth!

Allstream Canada Immigration Services (R522338)

It is admirable for immigration firms to stand out in certain services. However, these days, balance is in short supply. By balance, we are talking about delivering visa assistance to you equally well across all Canadian visa programs.

Does such an immigration consultancy firm exist?


And, you can visit it at #1 Bartley Bull Parkway, Unit 20, Brampton. It is Allstream Canada Immigration Services.

Its services include assistance for permanent residence, express entry, family sponsorship, temporary visas, student visas, and immigration appeals. And, once again, this firm does all of these equally well.

For any business, It is common to advertise what the company is best at. All of Allstream Canada Immigration Services’ are highly visible on its stunning and easily-navigable website.

What does that show you?

Versatility and balance.

These are different 5-star Google reviews for different services. All thanks to Allstream Canada Immigration Services. This company has Versatility. Personal treatment of clients, and no hidden fees.

This is one firm you could go with. 

Dhaliwal Immigration Solutions (R530061)

As a consumer, you have probably looked up the product you are about to buy. As you plan to come to Canada, you and many others have surely taken the same approach.

Let’s face it. Not only do you want credible sources, but straightforward sources. In navigating the labyrinthine path of Canadian immigration, you seek the services of an immigration consultant.

The number of choices could paralyze you. So, you need a company that tells you right away why it deserves your attention. At 2 County Court Blvd, Suite 408, Brampton is Dhaliwal Immigration Solutions, an immigration consultancy firm that does this well through its website.

Typing the URL of its site and pressing enter transports you to a page that answers “what?” and “why this company?” immediately. It concisely shows the services. And, the site presents the company’s edge with similar conciseness.

Its services include visa assistance for those applying for temporary stays, permanent residence, and sponsorships. As a bonus to its student visa services, it offers international students aid in choosing their desired universities or programs. This is something not many immigration firms are capable of.

So, why apply for Canadian immigration with Dhaliwal Immigration Solutions?

With its range of services and numerous satisfied clients, why not?

RNR Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc (R515434)

RNR Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc can be found at 247 Queen St E Suite 109, Brampton. And, it has made the immigration process of many applicants hassle-free for many years. It has aided many applicants with permanent residence, student and work permits, and sponsorships.

It also has 5-star ratings due to its services in applications under provincial nominee programs. With RNR Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc’s detailed attention to each document, hundreds of applicants have succeeded immigrating under this program. Also, the firm is well-known for its work in visa applications for Business and Investor Class.

An important component of this immigration consultancy firm’s approach is personalized service. So, each visa application is treated uniquely. The company’s director and lead immigration consultant, Amandeep Singh, believes that immigration applications are as unique as the individuals who file them. This perspective carries over to how the firm conducts follow-ups, assessments, and consultations.

And, this personalized approach does not go unnoticed and unappreciated. Many clients have thanked Mr. Singh and the company for this.

So, choose RNR Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc to experience personal and capable treatment as you go about your immigration procedures.

Smart International Immigration Solutions (R506738)

If you randomly ask 100 newcomers to Canada, you would find that most of them had two main purposes for their move- work and permanent residence. 7900 Hurontario St #204, Brampton is the home of an immigration consultancy firm that specializes in these two things.

Smart International Immigration Solutions was established in 2007. And, for the past decade, it has helped hundreds of immigrants with their work permits and permanent residency visas.

Its appeal to many hopeful immigrants does not stop there. Many new immigrants to Canada enter the country to study. Heeding the clamor for education, Smart International Immigration Solutions has achieved partnerships with many well-established universities and colleges in the GTA and outside it.

Something has to be said about the consultant team’s approach to clients. Many would use one word to describe the encounter: friendly.

How its founder, Sanjay Sharma, and its directors, Manjit Mahal and Nitin Angrish were able to create such an amicable atmosphere in their company is beyond us. All we know is that this leads to much optimism and success among the firm’s clientele.


What you have just read is a list of the 10 best-ranked immigration consultants in Brampton, Ontario. As you have just learned, each has something unique to offer you.

Multiculturalism has long been the norm for a city like Brampton. In the years to come, we can only anticipate this trend to continue. Immigration has played a large part in the vitality and vibrance of this suburban city.

The city offers much culture, novel experiences, and opportunities to work and study. If you want to experience the best of what Brampton has to offer, just read this top 10 list again and learn where to start.

Of course, this list only contains 10 out of the many reputable immigration firms in the city. We would like you to introduce us to others.

If you think there is an immigration consultancy firm worthy of a place on this list, feel free to leave it in the comments section. 

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