The Top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants In Calgary

How can a city so essential to Canada’s oil industry also be the cleanest city on Earth?

Skepticism aside, these two things are right of Calgary, Alberta. Think of oil, and job opportunities come to mind. Imagine speck-free urban sanitation, and you get a picture of an ideal city.

Together, this makes Calgary a hot destination for immigrants. As of 2016, there were 404,700 non-Canadian born residents in the city. Experts expect this number to increase.

Why would it not? It is beautiful as it is a haven for families and workers.

And, positively contributing to the influx are these top 10 immigration consultants in Calgary.

Connect Canada Immigration Services (R512620)

Connect Canada Immigration Services is at 7 Westwinds Crescent Northeast, #222, Calgary. It is a company that had humble beginnings but expanded over the years.

Connect Canada Immigration Services offers clients an efficient and individualized customer experience. Providing customized service, it specializes in bringing in skilled workers. This Calgary-based company is exceptional with all applications for the Express Entry program.

Connect Canada Immigration Services also has services for the Provincial Nominee Program. It also caters to clients who wish to sponsor relatives or loved ones. Also, there are available services and consultations for other services. These include student visas, appeals, and work permits.

You can also arrange a tourist visa with this firm. If you stay beyond your visitor’s visa, you could also file an extension here.

The firm’s performance in all its services has earned many awards in the city. In fact, Connect Canada Immigration Services is among Calgary’s top 3 immigration firms. It still is, at the time of writing.

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy (R509773)

As one of Calgary’s top immigration firms, Patel Canada Visa Consultancy has earned many 5-star online reviews. The company’s corporate office is at 2137B 4th Avenue Northwest. From here, it has helped hundreds of workers and students into Canada.

The company is famous for its many services. What stands out are those for permanent residence and work permits. Permanent resident applications under skilled programs have short processing times. This shows the efficiency and knowledge of Patel Canada Visa Consultancy’s owner, Parul Patel. 

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy’s award-winning services also include Canadian citizenship assistance. The firm’s high success rate in this is due to the thorough assessment of documents. If you are applying for Canadian citizenship, Patel Canada Visa Consultancy makes sure you have the right documents.

Having a broad online presence, Patel Canada Visa Consultancy is not hard to contact. You could contact the firm for inquiries. You can even get a free assessment from them.

Many clients have succeeded in their Canadian applications with Patel Canada Visa Consultancy. This firm provides clients with an efficient, accurate, and reliable visa service.

The Way Immigration Solutions (R421431)

8 Varsity Estates Circle Northwest, Suite 300, Calgary is home to The Way Immigration Solutions. The company also has an office at Lincoln Park, Canmore. The company began in 2012 and has since represented families, workers, and Canadian businesses in immigration matters.

There are many services for Canadian visas. The Way Immigration Solutions assists its clients with all applications. Everything from temporary residence to citizenship is within the firm’s expertise.

The Way Immigration Solutions is one of the few firms that cater to corporate immigration. The company has process hundreds of LMIAs for more than a decade. The end result is many businesses and workers getting what they need from immigration.

The Way Immigration Solutions provides consultations. Here, the company’s immigration experts assess clients and determine the right ways to go about immigration. The firm also has a file management service where you just let the firm submit your documents. If you prefer to immigrate DIY style, you may sign up for the company’s document review service. For many, it is an affordable but highly-effective service.

The Way Immigration Solutions never charges any hidden fees. It gives you a quotation before you commit.

SSS Immigration Services (R506984)

SSSS Immigration Services has two locations. In Calgary, it is at Unit 116-3770 Westwinds Drive Northeast Calgary. The company offers consultation and services for all programs of Canadian immigration.

Founded in 2007, SSSS Immigration Services has specialized in permanent residence, student visas, and work permits. This Calgary-based company also caters to Canadian business through LMIA. Its ties with several colleges in Canada and New Zealand make it a popular choice for international students. 

SSSS Immigration Services also represents refugees in immigration. The immigration firm also supports refused clients with appeals. SSSS Immigration Services has handled many complex cases for ten years. 

SSSS Immigration Services’ team of experts give clients accurate and actionable information during consultations. This practice has led to higher success rates for its clients. All of its clients also recognize the company’s unique personal handling of client concerns. In doing so, SSSS Immigration Services convinces clients of its individualized service approach.

Hundreds have immigrated to both Canada and New Zealand. All thanks to the help of SSSS Immigration Services.

Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting (R409807)

Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting is at 3670, 63 Avenue Northeast, #144, Calgary. Mr. Mahinder Singh Dhillon is the firm’s director and founder. An immigrant himself, he is well-versed in the procedures of Canadian immigration. Mr. Dhillon also has much knowledge about its complexities and ever-changing policies. He uses his expertise to help immigrants come to Canada.

Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services. The firm specializes in permanent residence, temporary permits, and spousal sponsorships. Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting also serves clients who need to appeal before CSBA. Recently, Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting has even begun to offer travel insurance.

Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting also has high success rates for the PNP. The immigration firm’s PNP offerings are for four other provinces besides Alberta. These provinces are Saskatchewan. British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba.

Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting business immigration services connect clients with potential employers and vice versa. This is good news if you are looking for work in Alberta. Also, Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting helps Canadian businesses with LMIAs.

Mr. Dhillon likes to keep clients informed. For this reason, the company’s site not only contains information about programs but also the in-demand professions for a province.

With Asia Pacific Immigration Consulting, hundreds of immigrants have called Canada home.

Love Canada Immigration Consultancy (R507311)

Love Canada Immigration Consultancy is conveniently located close to Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers. It is inside the busy Pacific Place Mall at 999 36 Street Northeast. This Filipino-owned immigration agency has a large Southeast Asian clientele. Recently, it has begun to serve clients from the United States and South Asia. 

Workers, students, and businesses make up Love Canada Immigration Consultancy clientele. There are also services for Canadians. The company provides Canadians services for adoption and proof of citizenship.

One of the company’s specializations is permanent residence. Since 2016, Love Canada Immigration Consultancy has helped immigrants. It has done so via the Express Entry program. With its assistance, many skilled workers have gained employment and residence in Alberta. Others have also become residents outside the province. 

Another flagship service is family sponsorship. Other than PR applications, family sponsorships are also an area of expertise for the company.

Widely-appreciated is also the post-landing services of Love Canada Immigration Consultancy. The company’s relationships with its clients do not stop with visas. Instead, it continues even after arrival. Love Canada Immigration Consultancy provides clients the necessary tools and information to settle. These tools assist clients with banking and employment.

Love Canada Immigration Consultancy’s services have earned rave reviews online. It offers customer support in English and Filipino. On top of that, Love Canada Immigration Consultancy is also open seven days a week.

Love Canada Immigration Consultancy has shown consistency in its quality service. Confident in its service, it has relied on a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. From the number of 5-star reviews online, it seems to work.

Briere Immigration Services (R513738)

It is rare to find a company with consistently high online ratings. Briere Immigration Services is a company with many positive online reviews. Mr. Daniel Briere, the owner-director, established the company in 2015. Since that time, Mr. Briere has helped many people with their Canadian immigration.

Briere Immigration Services specializes in sponsorships, Express Entry, and temporary permits. Mr. Briere himself provides up-to-date and accurate consultations for all the clients. Most of his 5-star ratings come from his PR clients. They mostly commend him for his knowledge and professional attitude.

Briere Immigration Services’ boasts efficient and hassle-free processing of Express Entry applications. For many, applying for these outside Canada is a long process. With the help of Briere Immigration Services, many have shortened the process.

Briere Immigration Services’ work in PR card renewal has also earned much recognition. Applications for renewals could be tricky. Be that as it may, Briere Immigration Services guarantees a smooth process with this.

Do you feel confident with this company? You could get in touch with Briere Immigration Services on their site. You may also stop by the company’s office at 160 Quarry Park Boulevard, Suite 300, Calgary.

Zoom Immigration Services (R527817)

Few companies offer a comprehensive line of services. Even fewer advertise all of them on their website. The reason for this is simple. It is because few can do equally well in each service. For Zoom Immigration Services, this is a regular day in the office.

Offering more than 30 different services, it caters to students and workers. Families and Canadian businesses have also benefited from Zoom Immigration Services’ immigration assistance.

Zoom Immigration Services has services for permanent residence. These include Express Entry and sponsorships. Also, in Zoom Immigration Services’ PR assistance is the caregiver program. This means that if you’re a caregiver, you may want to look into this company.

Besides visa assistance, Zoom Immigration Services offers outstanding assistance with work and study permits. Visa application assistance is also available to refugees. Zoom Immigration Services also provides this assistance for visa extensions.

With many years of experience, Zoom Immigration Services has done it all and has it all. Its customer service quality has not only won clients but retained them.

To experience the company’s services, you could visit them at 4655 54 Avenue Northeast, Unit #402, Calgary.

Trans World Immigration Consultancy (R513697)

Trans-World Immigration Consultancy was established in 2015. It is a young company. Nevertheless, its figures in the immigration business are impressive. To date, the company has helped thousands of people immigrate to Canada. Trans-World Immigration Consultancy caters to more than 15 countries, including Middle East countries. In its first year, the company was nominated for business excellence.

It has services in both permanent and temporary residence. The immigration agency also processes applications for family sponsorship. Trans-World Immigration Consultancy has also represented its clients for immigration and detention appeals. With its LMIA processing, the company also provides job placements to clients.

Experiencing success, Trans-World Immigration Consultancy also gives back to the community. In fact, it makes regular donations to several Canadian charities, including the Calgary Food Bank. Besides donating, Trans-World Immigration Consultancy also encourages its employees to volunteer at times.

In short, Trans-World Immigration Consultancy balances customer satisfaction, business growth, and corporate responsibility. To nobody’s surprise, everyone has nothing but positive things to say about the services.

The company’s address in Calgary is at 4809 Westwinds Drive Northeast. For an in-person consultation, this is where you could go.

Canada Immigration And Employment Consulting Services (R420041)

Canada Immigration and Employment Consulting Services (CIECSI) began in 2005. It is located at 4014 Macleod Trail Southeast #203. For years, the company has catered to the needs of students, workers, families, and even Canadian businesses.

In its ambitions to reunite families, Canada Immigration and Employment Consulting Services provide counsel and assistance to sponsorship applicants. Also, workers could avail of the company’s employment services.

These include support and consultations in skill demand and the proper qualifications. If language ability is a problem, the firm also offers assistance for bridging programs. Canada Immigration and Employment Consulting Services also help workers write their CVs.

Canada Immigration and Employment Consulting Services also connect workers to employers through its service in LMIA. With success rates above 90%, this immigration agency has proven its effectiveness.

The company’s team monitors each step of the immigration process so that they can inform clients of progress. Canada Immigration and Employment Consulting Services operates transparently and effectively.   


They say that you could tell a lot about a place based on the businesses in it. If this is the case, then immigration consultants in Calgary prove one thing. Their numbers show that Calgary welcomes immigrants.

Beautiful Calgary bridge

The city opens its arms to tourists and permanent residents. Calgary also serves as a home-away-from-home for international students and temporary workers.

Whether it’s for good or not, Calgary is a city you should visit. To help you plan accordingly, we made this list of the top 10 best immigration consultants in the city. 

We know that there may be more. So, if we missed one agency or firm, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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