The Best Immigration Consultants in Canada (2022)

If you are considering being in Canada permanently, you may want to work with an immigration professional. Working with an expert Canadian immigration consultant can help you immigrate smoothly. 

Each Canadian city has a handful of immigration consultants that stand out for their excellent track record and customer service. 

Our rankings are based on the consultant’s:

  • track record,
  • promptness,
  • the completeness of their information,
  • reputation,
  • cost, and
  • other factors

We are not paid by any of the consultants, and consultants cannot pay to have their practice listed in our rankings.

Here’s our list of the top immigration consultants in Canada, by city:


BIC Canada Immigration Inc (R407631)

BIC Canada Immigration guarantees not only short processing times but also personalized assessment and coaching of clients throughout the whole immigration process.

Jet Immigration (R419655)

Not only does Jet Immigration provide an honest and free assessment of eligibility, but also personalized services in the documentation. And, with its team of seasoned Canadian immigration consultants, Jet Immigration has also represented its clients before the Canadian authorities.

Brampton Immigration Consultancy (R531513)

Brampton Immigration Consultancy’s partnerships with some of the best colleges in the Greater Toronto Area make it an ideal consulting firm for international students. The firm’s online eligibility assessments are free and include skills assessment as well as the Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA.

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Connect Canada Immigration Services (R512620)

Connect Canada Immigration Services offers clients an efficient and individualized customer experience. Providing customized service, it specializes in bringing in skilled workers. This Calgary-based company is exceptional with all applications for the Express Entry program.

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy (R509773)

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy is famous for its many services. What stands out are those for permanent residence and work permits. Permanent resident applications under skilled programs have short processing times.

The Way Immigration Solutions (R421431)

The Way Immigration Solutions is one of the few firms that cater to corporate immigration. The company has process hundreds of LMIAs for more than a decade. The end result is many businesses and workers getting what they need from immigration.

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Axis Immigration Consultants (R515408)

The firm’s specialization is permanent residence by the Express Entry program. In the time it has operated, hundreds of clients have immigrated successfully. For Express Entry applications in Edmonton, Axis Immigration Consultants should be on anyone’s list.

Immigration Nation Ltd (R531109)

Immigration Nation Ltd’s service covers many immigration programs. Included is Express Entry through both skilled and nomination streams. The company has a high success rate in the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program.

Grewal Immigration Services (R509644)

The Grewal team has up-to-date information on Canadian immigration policy. The firm ensures the sufficiency and legitimacy of all application documents. This caters to applicants of study and work permits.

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ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc (R409559)

ICC is a trusted and recognized immigration consultancy firm for express entry and the Provincial Nominee Program. ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc boasts a large satisfied clientele that took more than a decade to build.

Metro Immigration (R411487/ R411495)

Metro Immigration is one of the largest immigration firms not only in the GTA area but also in Canada. Its services include everything from permanent residence to citizenship applications.

Metro Immigration also offers LMIA as a way to aid Canadian businesses.

Punj Consultants Inc (R507005)

Punj Consultants Inc has provided exceptional services for permanent resident applicants. Most applicants with this firm needed no interview from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. For this reason, skilled professionals have sought this company for their visa applications.

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Mayfair Immigration Services Ltd (R509456)

Many Canadian visa applicants find CIC’s Global Case Management System (GCMS) notes unclear due to the “coded” notes. At Mayfair Immigration Services, these notes which give you an idea of your application’s progress are interpreted and made simple by the firm’s experienced immigration team.

Aspire Immigration Services Inc. (R523346)

This immigration consultancy firm prides itself on the number of successful student visa applications. Many international students who were clients are quick to acknowledge the firm’s efficiency at this.

Set Canada Immigration Services Inc (R529242)

Besides catering to immigrants and international students, Set Canada Immigration Services also renders its services to Canadian employers. Through its Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) service, it has helped Canadian businesses to find skilled labour outside Canada.

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Right Way Canada Immigration Services (R517480)

The firm has garnered numerous positive reviews from its clients. Many are happy about the advice and consultations from its founder and other immigration consultants in the firm. The immigration consultation firm has earned a reputation for the clarity and simplicity of its consultations.

Bright Immigration Consultants(R529219)

Besides the usual first-time visa applications, the consultancy seems to perform well for applications that were refused. In other words, if you have been denied entry into Canada in the past, Bright Immigration could be your best bet!

Maple Immigration Services (R507745)

For many visa applicants, a common area of confusion is the visa program. In short, many applicants are unsure about the visa program under which they should apply. Luckily, Maple Immigration Services has helped many visa applicants with this. Its registered immigration consultants have helped clients identify the right visa program.

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CICS Immigration Consulting Inc (R413159/ R413151/ R530031)

CICS Immigration Consulting Inc establishes an application’s success rate early in the initial consultation. As a client, you will be told of your eligibility straight away. From here, CICS Immigration Consulting Inc improves the chances of an application’s approval. The firm does excellent work at this, regardless of case complexity.

One Immigration Consultants (R509776/ R511839)

Applications often get rejected due to errors in the documents. To prevent this, One Immigration Consultants’ team of consultants comprehensively reviews each application. As a result, the company’s success rates are high. The high number of successful applications also make One Immigration Consultants the company of choice for PR applicants.

Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants (R514121)

This Vancouver-based immigration consultancy firm prides itself on its immigration programs. It specializes in Express Entry applications. If you are a skilled worker, Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants can provide you with a free assessment. This will help you determine your eligibility.

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