The Top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants In Edmonton

Edmonton has become an immigration hotspot over the years. From 2001 to 2016, the number of immigrants in the city doubled. Also, the city’s population growth was mostly due to international immigration.

The statistics of Edmonton’s population resemble that of other Canadian cities. A fourth of Edmonton, Alberta’s population consists of immigrants.

Economic immigration causes most of the immigration activity in the city. It shows that many immigrants choose Edmonton for one reason- work opportunities. The city’s labour force is aging and retiring. As a result, Edmonton continues to welcome more immigrants.

Edmonton, Alberta could be one of your choices. Here are the top 10 immigration consultants in the city:

Axis Immigration Consultants (R515408)

Located at 3908 97 Street NW, #12, Edmonton is Axis Immigration Consultants. This Edmonton-based immigration consultancy firm began in 2016. Since then, Axis Immigration Consultants has been well-reviewed by clients.

The firm’s specialization is permanent residence by the Express Entry program. In the time it has operated, hundreds of clients have immigrated successfully. With Axis Immigration Consultants, their visa applications allowed them to immigrate.

If you want to sponsor or be sponsored, look no further. The firm also assists in spousal and family sponsorship applications. Their services here receive many 5-star ratings from their clients as well.

You can tell from the company’s site that it values transparency. Axis Immigration Consultants’ site freely invites prospective clients to get a quotation. This way, you will know the charges before enlisting the company’s services. On top of that, you can also book a free initial consultation online here.

Many clients expressed their satisfaction with all this firm’s visa services. For Express Entry applications, Axis Immigration Consultants should be on anyone’s list.

Immigration Nation Ltd (R531109)

Immigration Nation Ltd is at 9038 51 Ave NW Suite 206, Edmonton. It offers a variety of services and has a high rate of success. Hence, many economic and non-economic immigrants have made it to Canada.

The company’s services are founded on the principles of innovation and cooperation. Its consultants stay informed on the latest developments in Canadian immigration law. Also, this immigration has one more unique practice. It consistently stays in contact with its clients. Immigration Nation Ltd does this to better inform clients.

The company also assists its clients through all steps of the application process.

Immigration Nation Ltd’s service covers many immigration programs. Included is Express Entry through both skilled and nomination streams. The company has a high success rate in the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. This is also the case with the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Immigration Nation Ltd also specializes in temporary visas. Part of its services for student visa applicants is document assessment. Immigration Nation Ltd makes sure that all student documents are correct. This is to ensure success in the application. Work permits are also given equal attention and care.

Grewal Immigration Services (R509644)

Grewal Immigration Services began in 2013. It is one of the most recognized and highly-ranked immigration consultancy firms. The firm has hundreds of success stories. For this, it has gained popularity among many clients. Its clientele is from almost all parts of the world.

Grewal Immigration Services offers advice and assistance to applicants of various immigration programs. Its team has up-to-date information on Canadian immigration policy. The firm ensures the sufficiency and legitimacy of all application documents. This caters to applicants of study and work permits. This detailed and affordable service is also extended to PR and sponsorship applicants.

Grewal Immigration Services’ LMIA assistance allows work permits to be processed faster. Also provided by the company are sponsorship and tourist visa services.

It may not be a law firm. Nonetheless, Grewal Immigration Services has notary services. These are for the assessment and collation of documents. Hence, you can be sure that your documents will be enough before you apply.

This approach has generated hundreds of successful applications and many satisfied clients.

You could drop by Grewal Immigration Services at 4959 55th Avenue Northwest, Edmonton. Here, you can experience the company’s great service first-hand.

SYMY Immigration Consultants And Recruitment (R506879)

Businesses win clients with credibility and good customer service. At 11120 82 Ave Northwest, Edmonton is an immigration firm that has both. SYMY Immigration Consultants and Recruitment has been in business for 11 years. The company has four business licenses not only in Alberta. It also has them in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Specializing in business immigration, it also renders services for other permanent residence programs. SYMY Immigration Consultants and Recruitment has high success rates in permanent residence. These are via the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. For this reason, its services for permanent residence are popular among economic immigrants.

SYMY Immigration Consultants and Recruitment also offers free initial consultations. Assistance for sponsorship and temporary visas is also part of the services. This immigration consultancy firm also offers a free assessment. This way, you would be able to check eligibility. You can also discuss the needed steps for your application.

If that was not enough, the firm also provides its services and support in many languages. The company’s team of consultants assists clients in many languages. These languages include Hebrew, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Mandarin, and even Spanish.

TopNation Immigration Services And Consultant Edmonton (R513508)

TopNation Immigration Services and Consultant Edmonton is at 91 Street Southwest, #102, Edmonton. The company has extensive experience in Canadian immigration policy and provides many services. These services are across many Canadian immigration programs.

Work permits are a specialization of this Edmonton-based immigration firm. TopNation Immigration Services and Consultant Edmonton has some of the shortest turnaround times. In fact, some clients received their work permits with this company in as little as 10 working days.

Sponsorships are also a recommended service of TopNation Immigration Services and Consultant Edmonton. Many immigrants have successfully petitioned their loved ones into Canada. All thanks to the services of TopNation Immigration Services and Consultant Edmonton.

Many satisfied clients have appreciated the efficiency and professionalism of the immigration team.

TopNation Immigration Services and Consultant Edmonton also makes client communications easy. The main site has an interactive chat feature. This allows clients to send direct messages to the company. Besides, support is multilingual. Customer service representatives and consultants offer support and consultations in Urdu and Hindi. Punjabi and Filipino support is also available

Limitless Immigration Consulting (R514492)

Limitless Immigration Consulting began in 2010. From that time, it has become one of the most consulted immigration firms in Edmonton. The company’s office is at 10110 124 Street, #203, Edmonton. From here, it has provided satisfactory services in citizenship and permanent residence.

Limitless Immigration Consulting operates by viewing each application uniquely. For this reason, most clients express satisfaction at being treated as individuals.

Among the firm’s specialties is translation service. Visa applicants with foreign documents could enlist the services of Limitless Immigration Consulting. Also, Limitless Immigration Consulting is a Commissioner for Oaths. This means that you could get an affidavit for a lost or damaged document here.

The immigration firm has an affiliation with NorQuest College. This makes its services appealing to international students. Other perks from this company include free parking and assessment. Limitless Immigration Consulting offers consultation and support in Arabic and Filipino.

This firm is unique in what it provides. Limitless Immigration Consulting is not shy to show its reviews to prospective immigrants. Its many 5-star ratings are on the company site as well as Google.

CanDream Immigration Consultancy Services Inc (R411503/ R526243)

Since 2010, CanDream Immigration Consultancy has represented and served a broad international clientele. Its mission to help families and workers shows this immigration firm’s flagship services. This firm can accommodate simple PR applications to complex refugee cases. CanDream Immigration Consultancy has experience in all.

For 10 years, CanDream Immigration Consultancy has provided visa services. It has done so for more than 20 Canadian immigration programs. Among the covered programs is spousal and family sponsorships. This immigration consultancy firm has successfully processed many PR applications. Also, it has advocated for sponsors to reunite families.

The company’s visa consultation service also shines in the Express Entry Program. You can expect the efficient processing of your application with the right documents. Work permits are also processed for applicants in and out of Canada. CanDream Immigration Consultancy helps its clients and Canadian businesses with LMIA. It also processes work permit and study permit extensions.

CanDream Immigration Consultancy keeps its clientele informed. The company does this with its site’s News and Events section. As a result, staying informed about the latest developments in Canada is easier.

This firm boasts 10 years of consistent customer satisfaction. It is no wonder why CanDream Immigration Consultancy continues to be recognized.

Sage Immigration Consultancy (R514111)

Many trusted clients. A large number of successful applications. Sage Immigration Consultancy is famous for these. Its headquarters are at 613 Eagleson Cres Northwest, Edmonton. From here, it has provided accurate advice and assistance to all its clients.

Sage Immigration Consultancy handles permanent residence applications easily. Experienced, the company specializes in Express Entry and the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. Also, work permit assistance is a featured service of the firm. Documents for work permits are assessed and suggested by the firm.

As a result, many applicants for work permits experience short processing times. In fact, some even experience a processing time of 2 weeks.

Sage Immigration Consultancy performs well in family sponsorships. The standard processing times for spouses and dependents are on the main site. This means that you would know the length of time it might take if you want to sponsor.

Free initial consultations and assessments are also provided by the firm. Sage Immigration Consultancy publishes its fees on the site. Thus, you can expect that there will be no hidden fees. Sage Immigration Consultancy is an immigration consultancy firm that is efficient and transparent.

Global Immigration (R417447)

Global Immigration has been in operation for more than 15 years. This long-time presence shows not just the company’s good service, but its consistency. The company provides more than 20 different services to its clients. It even offers travel insurance for tourists and immigrants.

Global Immigration helps clients in their applications for permanent residence. There are services for spousal sponsorships and Express entry. There are also many Provincial Nominee Programs. Because it follows the latest guidelines, Global Immigration has helped many skilled immigrants.

The company has a 100% satisfaction rate with family sponsorships and work permits. Also remarkable is its range of auxiliary services.

Global Immigration is also a Commissioner of Oaths for applicants. This is great news if you need affidavits and more documents. Also, its location is at the West Edmonton Mall. This makes it a convenient biometric collection center.

Global Immigration’s services make it the one-stop-shop for all things visa-related. If you desire convenience, this is a firm you could choose.

Fargo Consultancy Of Immigration (R516185)

Located at 2607 Ellwood Drive Southwest, #103, Edmonton is Fargo Consultancy of Immigration. This firm is one of the most professional firms in Edmonton. The company has advised, helped, and represented immigrants for several years. Fargo Consultancy of Immigration has authorization from the Canadian government as representatives.

Fargo Consultancy of Immigration has a track record for immigration appeals. Many refused clients have considered the company’s services “effective and compassionate”.

Applications for work permits and humanitarian immigration receive equal individual care. This treatment also applies to Express Entry applications. This is due to Fargo Consultancy of Immigration’s founder. Mr. Harkirandeep Grewal believes that applications are unique to each program and individual. Hence, each one deserves a different approach.

To serve more clients better, Fargo Consultancy of Immigration also offers multilingual consultations.

The firm’s success rates with student visas and work permits are high. Many clients are grateful. They are also satisfied with the efficiency with which the applications are processed.

Personalized and customized service is the strength of this company. The vast number of positive reviews on Google will attest to this.


These are the top 10 immigration consultants in Edmonton. Immigration consultants help their clients in immigration. These companies know the ins and outs of Canadian immigration policies.

You will notice that some firms in this list offer support in different languages. It is a sound business practice for these companies. More than that, this shows a very important fact about Edmonton:

Best Place to live in Canada

As a destination for many immigrants, Edmonton, Alberta is a multicultural city. It appreciates the presence of people who choose to start their lives here. The city embraces tolerance, acceptance, and diversity.

We would like to know about other immigration consultants and firms.

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