The Top 10 Immigration Consultants In Mississauga

Founded as a city in 1984, Mississauga is becoming one of Canada’s fastest developing cities. It has attracted many travelers and immigrants for its beautiful summers and safe environment. The latest 2016 census showed an increase in the number of immigrants here to about 641,000, with most coming from South Asia, China, and the Philippines.

As a city in the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga is also home to numerous tourist spots like Celebration Square, the tranquil Erindale Park, and the historic Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Also, the Art Gallery of Mississauga has made the city an art hub of the GTA.

For those who wish to settle, there are many appealing reasons to do so. Mississauga is a multicultural city. As such, you can expect to celebrate different holidays from different ethnicities. All take place in the famous Celebration Square. On top of that, the city’s low crime rates and great schools make it an ideal place to settle with your family.

The list of places to frequent in this beautiful city in Ontario goes on. The reasons for living here also abound. The best way to experience all of these would be to come to Mississauga.

Consultants in Mississauga

Should you end up in this city, you will likely decide to stay in Canada longer. To do this, you will need help.

But, from who?

This list of the top 10 immigration consultants in Mississauga might just answer your question.

ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc (R409559)

ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc is at 1137 Derry Road East, Mississauga. Since 2007, it has consistently delivered high-quality visa services to its clients. This Mississauga-based firm has earned rave reviews for its specialty visa assistance services. Moreover, the company also prides itself on simplifying the immigration process for its clients.  

ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc specializes in visa extensions. Whether you are a student or a temporary worker, this immigration consultancy firm could help you stay in Canada longer. It also delivers some of the best consultations and assistance for permanent residence. It is a trusted and recognized immigration consultancy firm for express entry and the Provincial Nominee Program. Under its flagship services are also family sponsorships and the Quebec Skilled Worker class program.

Being a results-driven company, you can expect its team of seasoned immigration experts to oversee each step of your visa application. ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc boasts a large satisfied clientele that took more than a decade to build.

With its length of service, its success rate is high amongst immigrants with the following backgrounds:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Food and hospitality

Metro Immigration (R411487/ R411495)

Derry Road East is home to another highly-recognized immigration consultancy firm. In particular, at 2355 Derry Road East, #12, Mississauga is Metro Immigration. Metro Immigration has been in the immigration business for 20 years. That longevity alone should tell you of its consistent and highly-rated services.

This firm has successfully helped hundreds of applicants. Itt has grown into one of the largest immigration firms not only in the GTA area but also in Canada. Its services include everything from permanent residence to citizenship applications. Metro Immigration also offers LMIA as a way to aid Canadian businesses.

Also, the list of service fees is on the company’s site. You do not need to concern yourself with hidden fees. Metro Immigration is honest and upfront with everything! Including your eligibility for any Canadian immigration program.

It will never shy away from mediating appeals as well. One of the firm’s specializations is immigration appeals. Success rates are pretty high with this firm.

Spousal immigration is also part of Metro Immigration’s services. Also, the company provides quality assistance in student visas, waivers, and PR applications.

Metro Immigration’s reputation has stood the test of time. And, it has done so through its honest client-centered approach. Few other immigration firms do it like Metro Immigration.

Punj Consultants Inc (R507005)

At 7025 Tomken Road, Unit 243, Mississauga is Punj Consultants Inc. This is another immigration consultancy firm that has been in business for a very long time.

The company began in 2011. Punj Consultants Inc has provided exceptional services for permanent resident applicants. Most applicants with this firm needed no interview from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. For this reason, skilled professionals have sought this company for their visa applications.

The firm’s successful PR applications number in the thousands. More people become attracted to the express entry and the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Its expertise is in getting skilled people into Canada. Punj Consultants Inc also shines in assisting with work permits. The company is also generating a following for its services in sponsorship applications. Punj Consultants Inc makes it easy for you to petition your family or spouse into Canada.

Punj Consultants Inc also makes it easy for you to get in touch with them. You and any other prospective immigrant could reach the company at any time on social media.

Few immigration consultancy firms can sustain quality service for a decade. Punj Consultants Inc has done this with flying colours and will continue to do so.

Canus Immigration Consultancy Inc (R520238)

Canus Immigration Consultancy Inc was established in 2015. It has grown into one of the most trusted immigration consultancy firms in the GTA. Canus Immigration Consultancy Inc serves clients both in Canada and outside it. Its clientele consists of visa applicants from many countries. Many of its regular customers come from the Philippines and India.

Canus Immigration Consultancy Inc has grown due to its permanent residence assistance services. Besides the usual PR programs, it also accepts applications for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. This is great news for you if you are entering Canada to work. It is also inviting news for you if you want to work in places like New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

With its free online assessment, you will be able to determine right away if you are eligible. Despite its short time in the immigration business, Canus Immigration Consultancy Inc boasts more than a thousand successful applications. Equally attractive as the success rate is its customer service and money-back guarantee.

For a consultation or inquiry, you could visit their many social media accounts. You could also drop by their corporate office at 201-7025 Tomken Rd, Mississauga.  

North Vista Immigration (NVI) Consultants Inc (R524305/ R511657)

A team of highly-experienced immigration experts makes up North Vista Immigration Consultants Inc. This is a firm that has decades of experience. It has had 30 years of experience with a variety of immigration cases.

Sponsorships and case appeals are also part of the firm’s long list of services. In addition, work permits and study permits also generate much of the firm’s 5-star ratings on Google.

You might be a permanent resident or business investor. Regardless, North Vista Immigration Consultants Inc can help you with many of Canada’s immigration programs. All permanent residency applications are given individual attention by the company’s immigration consultants. Because of this, most of its clients from Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East have entered Canada.

Do you have doubts that you would be able to communicate with North Vista Immigration Consultants Inc’s team members? There is no need to worry!

Having catered to many different nationalities, North Vista Immigration Consultants Inc offers multilingual support. So, even if your English or French isn’t perfect, you could use your native language to communicate.

To experience what North Vista Immigration Consultants Inc is famous for, stop by at 170 Robert Speck Parkway, #204, Mississauga. 

Above And Beyond Immigration Consultants (R511743)

Few immigration consultancy firms are a “Jack-of-all-trades” in Canadian immigration. At 1550 S Gateway Road, Unit 318, Mississauga is one such company. Above and Beyond Immigration Consultants or ABIC offers visa assistance through all Canadian immigration programs.

Besides express entry and family sponsorship, visa assistance for the Quebec Skilled Class is also among the services provided. ABIC also caters to applicants for the In-Home Caregiver Program. So, if you are applying as a care provider, this company should be on your list of choices.

Above and Beyond Immigration Consultants also has a proven track record for humanitarian immigration. Through its “humanitarian and compassionate” visa assistance, many refugees have made Canada their new home. The firm is so thorough with the processing of this visa that additional interviews by CIC are waived.

Above and Beyond Immigration Consultants also has connections with nearly 20 different Canadian colleges and universities. So, if you are an international student, you get to pick your major as well as your college or university.

All in all, you can expect two things from Above and Beyond Immigration Consultants:

You hope to get quality and personalized service.

And, you could succeed in your application no matter the program. 

Olena Weber Immigration Consulting (R523872)

Registered immigration Consultant, Olena Weber, has first-hand experience with the Canadian immigration process. As an immigrant herself, she is well aware of the difficulties most visa applicants have. With her knowledge of Canadian immigration policies, she has helped many immigrants obtain permanent residence status.

Olena Weber Immigration Consulting outperforms many other immigration firms in one service. This service is assistance in the Express Entry program. Whether it is through the Canada Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Class, permanent residence is almost guaranteed with this firm. Many visa applicants from the Americas, South Asia, and Europe have given 5-star reviews of Ms. Weber’s service.

Immigration consulting is ultimately a business. And, in every business, customers like individualized treatment. This is a fact Olena Weber Immigration Consulting and its sole proprietor take to heart. File your immigration with this firm, and you will experience the same accommodating treatment many clients appreciate.

So, if you are a skilled worker, know that Ms. Weber and her team will be all ears.

Olena Weber Immigration Consulting is at 50 Burnhamthorpe Road W, #401, Mississauga. 

ICC Immigration Inc (R 409559/ R 409799)

Time and convenience are important for Canadian visa applications. With ICC Immigration Inc, you or any other visa applicant could get both.

ICC Immigration Inc is located at 1137 Derry Road E, Mississauga. And, it has services for visa applicants both in and out of Canada.

For visa applicants outside Canada, ICC Immigration Inc offers every imaginable immigration service for permanent residence, extension, and citizenship. Its permanent residence programs include Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, and the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. ICC Immigration Inc also offers impeccable assistance with applications for visa extensions and PR card renewal.

In addition to these, you will find this immigration firm’s website particularly helpful and easy to navigate. It contains resources on other visa categories other than permanent residence. ICC Immigration Inc in partnership with several colleges helps international students with finding and applying for the school of their choice.

With hundreds of successful applications, ICC Immigration Inc is not just known for its success rate but its short turnaround times.

Efficient and your one-stop-shop for immigration assistance and information, ICC Immigration Inc has earned its place in the minds of clients, immigrants, and this top 10 list.

Candream Immigration Consultancy Services (R507360)

Candream Immigration Consultancy Services is at 2970 Drew Road, #211, Mississauga. This firm values being informed on the latest developments in Canadian immigration policy.

Why? So that it could serve its clients better. And, since its inception in 2010, its strategy has proven successful.

In its list of services are many immigration assistance packages and free consultation. Candream Immigration Consultancy Services has shown a high success rate in processing applications for spousal sponsorships, super visas, and Express Entry.

Perhaps its most highly-rated service is the assistance for work permits regardless of circumstance. In this area, Candream Immigration Consultancy Services boasts a high success rate with relatively short processing times. Though not its only service, assistance with work permits has led to many grateful clients. In fact, work permit consultation and assistance has earned Candream Immigration Consultancy Services multiple 5-star reviews on Google.

Besides outperforming much of its competition in work permits, Candream Immigration Consultancy Services also renders satisfactory services in spousal sponsorships. In addition, its success rates for appealing immigration cases for humanitarian grounds do not fall far behind either. With its expert team of consultants and experts, these cases are processed correctly and quickly.

V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc (R532151)

Located at 2338 Hurontario Street, Mississauga is V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc. The company is led and owned by Mr. Vikas Sharma. As an immigrant himself, he knows all too well the importance of being client-centered in his approach to clients. And, this attitude has carried over into how his immigration consultancy firm serves all of its clients.

V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc provides assistance and consultation on all categories of immigration. One look at the company site’s URL, and you will get an idea of what Mr. Sharma’s immigration firm offers well.

Student visas and their extensions are one of the specializations of this firm. As a bonus, V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc also assists in post-graduate work permits.

For applicants whose job offers require LMIA, V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc’s site offers comprehensive information on how to proceed with their applications. To inform applicants further, V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc also helps through its GCMS notes service. This way, you could be informed of the status of your application.

Unlike many immigration consultancy firms, V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc also has a post-landing service package. Included in this package are accommodation, assistance with Canadian ID, and bank assistance. Also, Mr. Sharma personally provides an orientation on mobile services and public transportation. Talk about personal treatment!

Owned and ran by one person, V. Sharma Immigration Services Inc always responds promptly to inquiries and consultations.

Student visas are not a problem. Nor are work permits and PR applications. And, with its customer service, you know that this firm takes your visa application very seriously.


Canadian immigration can be tricky. For the immigrants of Mississauga, they will all tell you the same thing. They would attest to the guidance of immigration consultants. These are people and companies that could give you the right guidance and assistance. Because of their services, your arrival and life in Mississauga could be faster and easier.

Although there are many other consultancy firms in Mississauga, these made it to the list due to the number of positive ratings and reviews. Each one could help you through the doors of this city.

Did we miss a company that you wanted to see on the list? Let us know in the comments below!  

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