The Top 10 Immigration Consultants In Surrey

British Columbia has a long documented history of accepting immigrants. Within the province, two cities are the most popular choices among newcomers. These cities Vancouver and Surrey.

Vancouver hosts many of British Columbia’s immigrants. Though, the city of Surrey has been steadily catching up as a destination for immigrants.

Surrey, British Columbia is located along the Southern side of the Fraser River. The city is Southeast of Vancouver and is one of the 21 municipalities of Metro Vancouver. 43% of its population are immigrants. Surrey has become a popular choice for its affordable cost of living and location.

The city is culturally diverse. And, if you want to be a part of it, here are the top 10 immigration consultants in Surrey:

Mayfair Immigration Services Ltd (R509456)

Mayfair Immigration Services has successfully processed the applications of many immigrants since 2013. It caters to all types of applications. This immigration consultancy firm excels in three immigration categories:

  • Business immigration
  • Student visas
  • Work permits

It is for this reason that these are the main advertised services on their site. And, many applicants have found success with this firm.

Nevertheless, many of its clients are also grateful for the company’s impeccable help. This is in permanent residence applications. In fact, many of the 5-star Google reviews are from the firm’s clients who applied for permanent residence. Many have also gained permanent residence with the firm’s processing. This was under the provincial nominee program.

Mayfair Immigration Services also offers clients services in status change. In other words, a temporary resident could enlist this company’s services to become a permanent resident. And, this immigration firm can turn a permanent resident into a citizen with its services.

Often, many Canadian visa applicants find CIC’s Global Case Management System (GCMS) notes unclear due to the “coded” notes. At Mayfair Immigration Services, these notes which give you an idea of your application’s progress are interpreted and made simple by the firm’s experienced immigration team. This gives you a clearer picture of how CIC is viewing your application. 

If you want to know more or avail of this top-notch immigration consultancy firm’s services, you could pay the company a visit online or physically at  #380- 7360 137 Street, Surrey. 

Aspire Immigration Services Inc. (R523346)

Aspire Immigration Services Inc is located at #343-8140 128 Street, Surrey. Established in 2013, the company has a wide array of services for Canada’s many immigration programs.

This immigration consultancy firm prides itself on the number of successful student visa applications. Many international students who were clients are quick to acknowledge the firm’s efficiency at this. 

positive rating

Besides this, Aspire Immigration Services Inc also does great work in temporary work permit and PNP applications. The firm also caters to applicants for family or spousal sponsorships.

Many immigrants wish to work in Canada. If you want to invest in the country, Aspire Immigration Services Inc’s services in business immigration could get you on your way.

Whatever program suits your preference and circumstance, Aspire Immigration Services Inc’s main site and the team will give you the necessary straightforward information you need. With a presence on social media, the company is always within your reach. Whether you just want to ask a question or book a free assessment.

Set Canada Immigration Services Inc (R529242)

At 164 – 7261 140 ST, Surrey is Set Canada Immigration Services Inc. And, despite only being in operation for the past couple of years, it has generated quite the following among newcomers to Canada.

Consultant discussing

Its services include visa assistance and free consultations. The company’s services cover many applications for numerous immigration programs in Canada. Besides catering to immigrants and international students, it also renders its services to Canadian employers. Through its Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) service, it has helped Canadian businesses to find skilled labour outside Canada.

What does this mean for you? If you are a skilled labourer, you can approach Set Canada Immigration Services Inc to learn about vacancies in Canada. They also provide advice on how to network.

Set Canada Immigration Services Inc specializes in permanent residence, inland and outland sponsorships, and express entry. To add to their already impressive array of services, they have also added a name change service.

And, with its own blog, customers, and readers like you could stay informed about the latest developments in Canada and immigration.

Looking at Google reviews of this firm, one word is going to appear recurrently- family. Besides the firm’s services in family sponsorships and super visas, many clients have expressed how they were treated like family in the firm.

Here is an example of one of many heartfelt Google reviews from its past clients.

5 star rating

It is pretty safe to say that what this immigration consultancy firm lacks in years, it makes up for with genuine quality service.

Mannz Canada Immigration Consultants Inc (R513169)

It is said that information is power. And, with Mannz Canada Immigration Consultants Inc, this is definitely true. The firm has branches in two parts of British Columbia. In Surrey, it could be found at Little India Plaza #213 8028 128 Street.

The immigration consultancy firm’s website is arguably the epitome of succinctness. In other words, everything you need to know about your immigration process is not just on the site. Rather, you see much of that information as soon as you reach the site.

Right away, you will see panels and windows of Canada’s immigration programs and what you need. The website almost feels more like a well-designed Powerpoint presentation.

Mannz Canada Immigration Consultants Inc can provide you with a free assessment to determine the right immigration course you could take. If you are coming to Canada for work, Mannz Canada Immigration Consultants Inc can also provide you with comprehensive information about jobs, wages, and the number of openings. Not just in Surrey, but also for the rest of British Columbia.

Present on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, reaching its staff for inquiries and consultations has never been a problem. 

If you need proof of their great service, here is a 5-star Google review:

5 star rating

Canoscope Immigration And Education Consultants (R523621)

5-star reviews on Google and being in business for less than 10 years is almost unheard of. Few immigration consultancy firms could achieve this feat. One of them is Canoscope Immigration And Education Consultants.

Located at unit 6 of Payal Business Center in 12885 80 Avenue, Surrey, Canoscope Immigration And Education Consultants began in 2015. It also has an office in New Delhi, India.

The company specializes in express entry and permanent residence via the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It also offers consultations and assistance for applicants under other programs. These include all 3 classifications of the business immigration program. And, also included is family sponsorship.

5 star rating

Living up to its name as an educational consultant, the educational consultation given by the company is both comprehensive and free. Also, Canoscope Immigration And Education Consultants provides free IELTS training.

The company site has its blog for immigration updates. The blogs also show the company’s clients who have successfully immigrated to Canada. This blog is also updated regularly. So, you know that this is a company that tracks its progress and success!

MK Immigration (R534019/ R533583)

Work permits and the services to get them are in demand among many immigrants in Canada. MK Immigration is one of those immigration consultancy firms that do well at this.

Located at 8028 128 Street, Unit 222, Surrey, has helped many newcomers with their temporary work permits. And, the assistance provided by this company does not end there. MK Immigration also assists employers in filling gaps in their workforce.

On top of temporary work permits, visa applicants can also receive great assistance and customer service in the following immigration paths:

Client reviews

The quality of this firm’s service has made it a widely-sought choice for immigrants in many parts of the world. MK Immigration has served clients from countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It even has clients from the United States. What makes this even more impressive is the short time MK Immigration has been in business.

An international clientele from only 2 years of operation is a testament to the impeccable immigration and consultation services of MK Immigration.

Zenith Immigration Consultants (R418743)

From its business location at 8556 120 Street #104, Surrey, Zenith Immigration Consultants has helped hundreds of immigrants come to Canada. For almost 20 years, it has done so with its up-to-date understanding of Canada’s Immigration laws. This has carried over into their services which have earned this firm accolades from its clients and Canadian organizations.

Zenith Immigration Consultants is one of the top 3 best-rated immigration consultancy firms in Surrey. It is second only to another firm in this list – Mayfair Immigration Services.

5 star rating

Specializing in permanent residence among other services, this company also assists entry into Canada via the in-home caregiver program. So, if you have plans to work by providing child and elderly care, Zenith Immigration Consultants would be an outstanding choice for you.

Unsure of the status of your application after you have submitted it? The firm offers not just GCMS, but also your application’s Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) notes. With this, your application can be tracked at each step.

Acme Visa Solutions (R530163)

Established in 2008, Acme Visa Solutions has had a long and proven track record of successful visa applications. The company’s head office is situated at 12565 88 Avenue Unit-210, Surrey. And, with branches in India, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, the company has broadened its customer base internationally.

Acme Visa Solutions has spent the last decade assisting visa applicants who want to become permanent residents of Canada. Also, the company’s recruitment-based approach in handling visa applications has helped new immigrants and businesses succeed together in Canada. For this reason, work permits and express entry via FSW, FST, and CEC are among its flagship services. 

5 star rating

On top of these services, the firm also specializes in immigration appeals. For this as well as other services, the first consultation is free.

With Acme Visa Solutions’ assessment tools and skill calculators, you can determine your eligibility immediately. If not, the company’s highly-experienced immigration consultants can provide you actionable advice on your immigration plans.

Acme Visa Solutions has a decade-long track record of helping most of its clients into Canada. This is why it has been considered one of the most highly reputable immigration consultancy firms in Surrey and around the world. 

Lionsher Immigration (R532377)

A wide range of immigration-related services awaits anyone who approaches Lionsher Immigration. From nominee programs to business immigration, this company has it all.

Its success rates are high for all Canadian visa applications. The firm shines particularly in applications under the provincial nominee program. There are other services offered for permanent residency. These include the less common Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). Through this program, Lionsher Immigration has helped businesses facing the Atlantic hire workers from other countries.

Lionsher Immigration also assists migrant caregivers. The firm does this through the Caregiver Pilot Program and the Caregiver Interim Program. 

Three students talking

This firm offers a wide range of options for international students. Besides colleges, international students could choose one of the 3 student immigration pathways. Lionsher Immigration can also speed up the student visa application process for students. With the Student Direct Stream Program, students from China, India, and the Philippines could expect shorter turnaround times for their visas.

Whether it’s a consultation for a student visa or a work permit, you could visit the corporate office at 7028 120 Street #202, Surrey.

Alliance Immigration And Education Consulting (R418999)

Everybody wants to be a Canadian permanent resident. With Alliance Immigration and Education Consulting, many applicants have earned permanent residency status in the Great White North. You could find this immigration firm at 8028 128 Street, Unit 207 Little India Plaza, Surrey.

This immigration firm specializes in everything that leads to permanent residence. The services of this firm include assistance and consultation for entry express, provincial nominee, business immigration, PR cards, and sponsorships. Alliance Immigration and Education Consulting also offer its services for application appeals after refusal.

This is a Canadian immigration consultancy firm that commits to permanent residence. And, this is shown by the other services to clients. Besides visa assistance, Alliance Immigration and Education Consulting also has services for accommodation and Canadian bank accounts. It also helps its clients get their health cards and driver’s licenses. There is even a special pick-up service at the airport upon your arrival.

It also has high success rates in student visa applications and extensions. Thus, delivering on the promise made by the second half of the company’s name.


Surrey, British Columbia is slowly becoming the hottest destination for immigrants in the province.

Why would it not be in the future?

After all, it’s affordable. It is near the busy downtown Vancouver area. And, it is safe and family-oriented. The charms and appeal of this city seem to grow as time passes.

To come to Surrey, or Canada for that matter, you need a clear plan and procedure. With the help of the 10 immigration consultancy firms here, you will find yourself with more confidence and less guesswork.

Did we miss any company you have had a positive experience with?

Please, let us know in the comments section below!

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