Top 10 Immigration Consultants In Toronto

The immigration process for Canada can be intimidating. The process is filled with forms and procedures. To some, this is not a problem.

However, for others, it causes a lot of confusion and indecision. So much that immigration either becomes paralyzing or discouraging.

Luckily, many immigrants have successfully made the move to Canada. Ask them how, and they would point their success to one thing. Most of them would tell you that they turned to immigration consultants.

Not only are immigration consultants certified and registered. They are also experts at helping clients make sound decisions with immigration. They could let you know if you are eligible for certain immigration programs or otherwise.

The services of an immigration consultant remove much of the guesswork from the whole process. From forms to required documents. Assessing you, they can tell you where to start and what you need to do.

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, we’re willing to bet that Toronto is in your mind. Why would it not be? After all, the city does host a vast majority of Canada’s new immigrants.

So, with the city of Toronto as your likely destination, you might as well enlist the services of the immigration consultants here.

Here is the top 10 list of immigration consultants in Toronto!

Right Way Canada Immigration Services (R517480)

Located in 1105-250 Consumer Road, Toronto, Right Way Canada Immigration Services is among the top 3 rated immigration consultancies in the city. From sponsorships to citizenship applications, the firm offers immigrants services at all stages of the immigration process.

The firm has garnered numerous positive reviews from its clients. Many are happy about the advice and consultations from its founder and other immigration consultants in the firm. The immigration consultation firm has earned a reputation for the clarity and simplicity of its consultations. Not only that. The firm renders its services using a personalized approach. So, to nobody’s surprise, many clients feel more confident as they go about their immigration applications.

Right Way Canada Immigration Services also has a partnership with the International Development Programme. So, if you need to take the IELTS, the firm would be more than happy to help you out. 

The firm is present across all social media platforms. So, getting in touch with the consultants should not be a problem!

Bright Immigration Consultants(R529219)

Bright Immigration has been around for at least 25 years. The firm’s headquarters is located at #407 Yonge Street. Founded in 2010, the immigration consultancy firm has received numerous 5-star reviews from its clients. Besides the usual first-time visa applications, the consultancy seems to perform well for applications that were refused. In other words, if you have been denied entry into Canada in the past, Bright Immigration could be your best bet!

You could determine your eligibility using the firm’s free 5-minute online assessment.

Do you have plans of starting a business in Canada? To do so, you need to be a permanent resident. With Bright Immigration’s Bright Plus, newcomers like yourself could gain PR status in as little as 4 months!

Also, it’s successful employment in Canada or your money back. That’s right!

The immigration consultancy firm also offers a money-back guarantee for work permit applications. And nothing says “we are confident about our service” better than a money-back guarantee, right?

Maple Immigration Services (R507745)

Yonge Street is home to another immigration consultancy firm. At 3342A Yonge Street is Maple Immigration Services.

For many visa applicants, a common area of confusion is the visa program. In short, many applicants are unsure about the visa program under which they should apply. Luckily, Maple Immigration Services has helped many visa applicants with this. Its registered immigration consultants have helped clients identify the right visa program.

The immigration consultancy firm not only serves immigrants. It also has services for employers. Employers are allowed to register themselves on the site. As a result, Maple Immigration connects economic immigrants to potential employers!

Through its ties with Maple ID Services, the consultancy firm becomes a one-stop-shop for applications and fingerprinting services.

The services of the firm have generated many positive reviews. In particular, the firm has its team of immigration consultants to thank for this. In fact, nearly all of the positive feedback towards the company mention the professional and courteous attitude of the team.

So, do you hate making different stops for paperwork and biometrics? Need the guesswork taken out of looking for potential employers? If so, Maple Immigration Services could be reached by email, phone, or fax. You could also get in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Life Ashore Immigration Consultancy Inc. (R516104)

Life Ashore Immigration Consultancy Inc. is in #45 Strathavon Drive, Etobicoke, Toronto. And, though it has only been around for 6 years, many have used the services of this firm. Applicants have consulted this firm for everything. From student visas to permanent residence applications. Getting 5-star reviews from its clients, it is safe to say that it is a company with a good success rate.

It boasts comprehensive pre-immigration services like interview preparation. The consultancy firm also specializes in family sponsorships, study permits, tourist visas, and express entry. It also specializes in business immigration. Life Ashore aids applicants in getting their Canadian visas through self-employment and provincial entrepreneur programs.

Besides being an immigration consultancy firm, Life Ashore is also an IELTS training center. It offers a free assessment to help you determine your English needs before the actual test. Also, there are 3 training packages to choose from. Each is tailored to your specific English level at an affordable price.  

Lifeline International Career and Immigration Solutions (R506434)

Are you thinking of working as a care provider in Canada?

Look no further! Lifeline International Career and Immigration Solutions has locations across many parts of Canada including Toronto. With a branch in the Philippines, it has also extended its global reach.

It has helped many visa applicants come to Canada on the updated Caregiver Program. Also, non-medical economic immigrants like skilled labourers have benefited from the firm’s services. The firm has successfully carried-out applications for the Federal and Quebec Skilled Workers program. Also, the Toronto-based immigration consultancy firm has a pretty good success rate with work and study permits.

If you need to register for the IELTS exam and seek immigration services at the same time, Lifeline International Career and Immigration Solutions could help. Due to its partnership with the International Development Programme or IDP, it is also an authorized IELTS registration center.

Lifeline International Career and Immigration Solutions is at Suite 212, 3788, Bathurst Street, Toronto. But, if you prefer to get in touch online, you could do so via the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

West Coast Immigration Consultants (R415151)

How many immigration consultancy firms could claim to be in service for more than 2 decades? Only a few. And, one of them could be found at #130 Westmore Drive, Suite 5 Toronto.

For 25 years, West Coast Immigration Consultants has had an impressive track record. With more than 45,000 successful applicants, it was voted as Toronto’s top immigration firm in 2017.

Its long decorated history includes many successful appeals for immigration admission. West Coast Immigration Consultants has helped many visa applicants who were denied entry. Through its assistance, many of these applicants have now settled in Canada.

Hence, a long history of doing this tells you one thing: that this an immigration company that could help with simple and complex immigration cases.

Besides tourist, temporary, permanent residency, and citizenship applications, West Coast Immigration Consultants also specializes in adoption-related immigration issues. Through its partnership with Worldview Adoption Association, the firm has helped many children find and reunite with families in Ontario.

In short, for little more reassurance about your visa application, this is one immigration consultancy firm you could trust.

Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc. (R513983)

Whenever a company’s owner makes contact with a client, it is reassuring. This immigration consultancy firm at 1193A Brimley Road, Suite 1, Toronto, takes it a step further.

Choose to go with this firm, and the owner himself will attend to all of your concerns. And, we do mean all. Including the entire process of your application!

Being an immigrant himself, the firm’s owner, Mr. Namu Ponnambalam, is no stranger to the plight of immigrants. He uses his first-hand experience to guide all of his clients through the labyrinthine process of Canadian immigration.

For this reason, Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc has received rave reviews for not just its professionalism. But, also its personal and personalized approach to all visa applications. The firm provides assistance for all categories and programs for Canadian immigration. Though it does equally well for all, Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc wins clients over with its express entry and sponsorship services.

Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc has a wide social media presence with accounts in multiple sites including LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Also, the firm is open 7 days a week. Talk about a business owner’s passion for his work!

Canadian Immigration Services (R509021)

There are many immigration consultancy firms in the multicultural city of Toronto. But, few have consistently received 5-star reviews from clients and an A+ rating from Canada’s Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Located in 45 Sheppard Avenue #412C, North York is Canadian Immigration Services, an immigration consultancy firm that has been around since 2012. It specializes in visa applications for all the usual programs like permanent and temporary residence. So, this is the consultancy firm for you if you want to come to Canada on either a work or study permit or a PR visa. Sponsorships are also the firm’s specialties.

All of its clients have availed themselves of these. And, all of them would remark upon the short time it took them.

The A+ rating from BBB tells you many good things about the firm. For one, it means that there has been no complaint from a single client. Also, it means that the company has maintained a reputation for being honest about its products and services.

Last, but surely not the least, an A+ firm like Canadian Immigration Services has its rating for the length of time it has been operating.

In short, Canadian Immigration Services can be trusted with your immigration application for Canada.

Amir Ismail and Associates (R412319)

Amir Ismail and Associates is an immigration consultancy firm located at 100 King Street West, Toronto. It also has a branch outside Canada. It is at Suite 706, 7th Floor, Kashif Centre, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Next to Hotel Mehran, Karachi, Pakistan.

This is one of few Canadian immigration consultancy firms that have longevity. More specifically, the firm has catered to more than 21,000 successful immigrants for almost 3 decades!

The owner, Amir Ismail, personally attends to all immigration applications and provides a free assessment of each candidate. His firm specializes in permanent residency applications via Canada’s experience class and FSW programs. Also, assistance for student visas and visa sponsorships has been provided for decades.

The firm has garnered rave reviews among professionals. Everyone including human resource managers, accountants, and healthcare professionals have written positive reviews of the firm’s services. Not just for immigration to Canada. But, also for immigration to other countries.

Yes! Amir Ismail and Associates also assists with visa and citizenship applications to other countries. These countries include the United States, Australia, and many parts of the European Union.

Tried and tested, Amir Ismail and Associates is a great choice for any visa applicant who plans to go to Canada.

Global Opportunities Canadian Immigration (R514880)

At 401 Bay Street, Suite 1600, Toronto is Global Opportunities Canadian Immigration, a firm founded in 2012. Offering the usual assistance with Canadian visas, it stands out in its assistance to immigrants in their permanent residency visa applications.

What draws positive reviews is the amount of unbiased, honest information the firm gives. In fact, besides their visa assistance, information dissemination seems to be the firm’s major strong suit. One look at Global Opportunities Canadian Immigration’s, and you will see what we mean.

Think of the firm’s website as Wikipedia for people who want to immigrate and know more about Canada!

The impressive amount of information and assistance comes from the immigration consultancy team. Also, the immigration consultancy firm has earned a reputation for its bilingual interactions. The consultants of the firm respond to reviews in either English or Spanish.

And, for anyone with some doubts about a country’s multiculturalism, this certainly helps.

Much of the information about the different immigration programs in Canada is on the site. But, the immigration consultants from Global Opportunities Canadian Immigration would be more than happy to personally talk to you about it.

You’d have no problem getting in touch as they are on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube!  


There you have it! You just read a list of the top 10 immigration consultancy firms in Toronto.

This list is only meant to enumerate what we found to be the 10 best firms. The inclusion of each consultancy firm on the list is based on the number of positive reviews and success rates.

So, these firms are not ranked. Each firm could offer you the best services for your visa application to Canada. Be that as it may, each one offers something unique. 

Do you think we missed one? Have you had a positive experience with any firm not listed here?

If you do, feel free to mention them in the comments section! We would love to hear more from you!

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