The Top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants In Vancouver

British Columbia has a long history of immigration. Migrants settled in the province as early as the 17th century. Today, many of Canada’s immigrants make their way to this province or Ontario.

In 2016, Canada had more than 7 million immigrants. One-seventh of this population is in British Columbia. Within the province, Vancouver hosted the highest number of migrants.

Vancouver is often the preferred place for immigrants. The opportunities and vibrant urban life here makes it a melting pot of different cultures. A long history of immigration has made cultural diversity Vancouver’s calling card to the world.

To get here or any part of Canada, you need an immigration consultant.

Without further ado, these are the top 10 immigration consultants in Vancouver:  

CICS Immigration Consulting Inc (R413159/ R413151/ R530031)

Two decades of experience sets CICS Immigration Consulting Inc apart from other immigration consultancy firms. Since 1997, it has helped thousands of foreign nationals come to Canada. Trusted and well-established, it has a reputation for high success rates. Also, CICS Immigration Consulting Inc impresses clients with its individualized service approach.

CICS Immigration Consulting Inc establishes an application’s success rate early in the initial consultation. As a client, you will be told of your eligibility straight away. From here, CICS Immigration Consulting Inc improves the chances of an application’s approval. The firm does excellent work at this, regardless of case complexity.

CICS Immigration Consulting Inc specializes in many Canadian immigration programs. Services for permanent residency abound, and so does the firm’s assistance in work permits. Unlike many immigration consultancy firms, it caters to applicants of the ICT Executive Business Work Permit. Since 1997, CICS Immigration Consulting Inc has been the choice for various Provincial Nominees Programs.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews and business longevity, CICS Immigration Consulting Inc is a world-class immigration firm.

CICS Immigration Consulting Inc is at 131 Water Street, Unit 216, Vancouver.

One Immigration Consultants (R509776/ R511839)

One Immigration Consultants is at 625 Howe Street, Suite 250, Vancouver. Established in 2013, it has provided top-notch immigration services for all Canadian immigration programs. This immigration consultancy firm has more than ten years of experience and has helped more than 26,000 people immigrate to Canada.

For this, One Immigration Consultants has become one of Vancouver’s top three rated immigration consultancy firms. The company provides assistance and consultations on nearly all Canadian immigration programs.

Many clients consider this firm’s services efficient and cost-effective. One Immigration Consultants sets its prices to fit the preferences of its client. Also, each service package includes free IELTS training.

Applications often get rejected due to errors in the documents. To prevent this, One Immigration Consultants’ team of consultants comprehensively reviews each application. As a result, the company’s success rates are high. The high number of successful applications also make One Immigration Consultants the company of choice for PR applicants.

The firm’s trilingual support does wonders for engaging non-English speaking applicants. One Immigration Consultants offers assistance in English, French, and Spanish.

Nothing shows quality better than consistency, customer satisfaction, results. As an immigration consultancy firm, One Immigration Consultants has all these traits.

Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants (R514121)

Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants began in 2015. Despite the company’s youth, it boasts many satisfied clients and successful PR applications. At each step, Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants provides clients with detailed explanations and assistance.

This Vancouver-based immigration consultancy firm prides itself on its immigration programs. It specializes in Express Entry applications. If you are a skilled worker, Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants can provide you with a free assessment. This will help you determine your eligibility.

Also, Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants provides remarkable service in student visa applications. Besides student visas, the company caters to students in other ways:

First, Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants provides a free assessment of student documents. To guarantee success, the firm lodges no incomplete application.

Second, the firm offers an IELTS training program at a very affordable cost. Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants recognizes the importance of language proficiency, particularly for Canadian immigration.

Students and PR applicants are not the only ones who benefit from Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants’ services. Permanent residents who sponsored their family members are also grateful to the firm.

Whether you wish to study or work in Canada, Chitra And Associates Immigration Consultants could help. For inquiries, you could stop by the company’s office at 777 Hornby Street, #600, Vancouver.

Master Immigration Services (R413679)

Located at 510 West Hastings Street is Master Immigration Services. The company started in 2008. Since that time, it has rendered assistance not just for Canadian visas but also for US visas.

This immigration consultancy firm specializes in Express Entry applications. Hence, skilled workers could enlist the services of this company. Master Immigration Services also caters to applicants of many Provincial Nominee Programs, including British Columbia’s. To maximize success in the application, Master Immigration Services provides clients free assessments of their skills and language ability.

Under the services for permanent residence are spousal sponsorships. Apply with your spouse, and he or she can also avail of Master Immigration Services’ language and skill assessment.

Master Immigration Services also offers consultation and assistance for temporary residency permits. Each year, the company successfully processes hundreds of work permits and study permits. Also, this firm assists its clients with the following:

Master Immigration Services has an A+ rating from Canada’s Better Business Bureau (BBB). The grade is a sign of business consistency and longevity.

Master Immigration Services has the approval of business groups, as well as its clients.

 Canada Immigration Partners (R419143/ 418679)

Canada Immigration Partners (CIP) is a short stroll from the famous Robson Square in Downtown Vancouver. It began in 2008. To this day, it caters to both immigrants and Canadian employers. With ten years of experience, this Vancouver-based firm was the recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for Business.

Canada Immigration Partners renders its award-winning services to Express Entry applicants. Applicants under the Family Class program also receive the firm’s assistance.

For employers, Canada Immigration Partners helps with hiring and assisting foreign nationals. The company begins with an assessment of the company and recruits candidates based on industry and skill demands.

Canada Immigration Partners helps its clients through consultation and partnership. Through their partnership service, all you need to do is submit your requirements. From there, Canada Immigration Partners does the rest. It is hassle-free and straightforward.

Canada Immigration Partners’ consultations include an assessment for eligibility. This service allows clients to carry out their immigration process with the team’s guidance. This option is perfect for those who wish to go about their immigration DIY style.

To learn more, you could visit Canada Immigration Partners in-person. Canada Immigration Partners is in the Shorehill Building at 938 Howe Street.

R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. (R514778)

R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. has been at the forefront of helping workers, families, and students since 1995. It offers assistance and consultation in permanent residence and citizenship applications. The firm has also assisted international students in studying in Canada. R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd’s corporate headquarters are at 409 Granville Street.

The firm specializes in permanent residence and naturalization. The management of an experienced immigration consultant makes R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd succeed at these two programs frequently.

The firm has successfully helped thousands of immigrants settle and find employers in Canada. R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd achieves all this through its network of employers and professionals.

Business immigration is also a specialization of this immigration. R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd’s immigration service attract foreign entrepreneurs for its legitimacy and efficiency.

With R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd’s educational affiliations, international students are free to choose their programs and university. The company also assists with post-graduate work permits.

The high success rates are because of the firm’s network and thorough assessment of documents. R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd advises its clients on the proper documentation necessary. For this reason, many clients consider the firm’s lead consultant strategic and professional.

R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd’s consistent quality service has been in high demand. For this reason, the company has won the Consumer’s Choice Award on multiple occasions.

North Horizon Immigration Consulting (R512761)

There is a boutique immigration firm between The BC Place Stadium and the Fanny Bay Shellfish Market. North Horizon Immigration Consulting is located at 255-780 Beatty Street.

Despite its small size, the company has a laundry list of services. This firm’s assistance extends from PR applications to family sponsorships. The immigration consultancy firm has been in operation since 2014. Until now, it has maintained its physical and online presence to customers.

Owned and managed by Rita Benkhalti, North Horizon Immigration Consulting provides consultation and assistance in many immigration programs. There are also services for the Provincial Nominee programs of British Columbia and Ontario. Many clients avail of the firm’s services for Express Entry and have experienced success in their applications.

Many clients have only positive feedback toward North Horizon Immigration Consulting. Many would agree that its modest size makes the application process efficient and personal.

What makes the personal treatment better is trilingual support. North Horizon Immigration Consulting’s site allows non-English speakers to read the content. The site supports not just French but Spanish as well.

CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting (R521865)

Any business could have the most efficient systems. It may even be in a desirable location. Nonetheless, without many positive reviews, it may not get far. At #407-1112 West Pender Street is CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting, a highly-rated Vancouver-based firm.

CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting is well-known for its quality service in permanent residence applications. Skilled or otherwise, foreign nationals who applied for permanent residence have successfully gotten their visas. All thanks to the company’s owner and lead consultant, Mr. Justin Shim.

CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting also has services for international students. The company has ties with several English schools. Hence, this makes CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting a suitable choice for students who need additional English classes.

CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting also offers programs in IELTS and TOEFL. Translation services are also included in the firm’s language-related services.

The majority of this immigration firm’s clients are from East Asia. However, recently, its clientele has expanded to the Middle East and South Asia.

CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting is a bilingual company. Its staff and founder communicate with clients in English and Korean. Due to its high success rates and social media presence, it has received attention and 5-star ratings from its clients.

BeHERE Immigration Consulting (R413479)

BeHere Immigration Consulting is a Korean-owned immigration firm at 850 West Hastings Street. Though the company is young, it has garnered many 5-star reviews on Google and in South Korea. Its clientele is mostly from South Korean. Now, the company caters to the immigration needs of other nationalities.

Education is vital in the founder’s home country, and this carries over to the student visa services of BeHere Immigration Consulting.

Permanent residence via Express Entry is the firm’s specialty. BeHere Immigration Consulting has successfully helped many skilled workers come to Canada. Many applicants have experienced short processing times. For this reason, efficiency is a trait for which this firm is famous.

BeHere Immigration Consulting’s founder and CEO, Alex Kim, is a hit amongst clients for his professionalism and expertise in Canadian immigration. Being an immigrant himself, he uses his first-hand experience with the immigration process to guide clients.

You could get in touch with BeHere Immigration Consulting on Facebook and KakaoTalk.

Accord Immigration Consulting (R508008)

Located at 543 Granville Street, Accord Immigration Consulting began in 2012. Its president, Denis Korobov, established it. This immigration firm also goes by a different business name. It is also Smart Immigration Canada.

It specializes in all permanent residence programs, including Express Entry. Accord Immigration Consulting has a reputation for guiding its clients through each step of the PR application. Accord Immigration Consulting ensures the sufficiency of documents and keeps clients informed about progress.

Another display of its transparency is the upfront quotation. On the company’s site, you could get a quote. This way, there are no hidden fees, and budgeting will be possible.

Accord Immigration Consulting also handles complex cases. It has also helped clients with refusals. The company also provides services for appeals, so representation will not be a problem.  

Many clients have taken to Google with their satisfaction with Mr. Korobov’s services. Also, 5-star ratings abound.


Best Immigration Consultant in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city of opportunity, vibrance, and diversity. The city has earned this reputation for years. In the years to come, Vancouver shall continue to open its doors. It will welcome all who wish to contribute to its progress.

Vancouver is home to many immigrants. Vancouver is also a “stepping off point” for some. In other words, entry here can be lead to settling or a gateway to other parts of the Great White North.

Whatever the case, immigration consultants in the city could help.

This article has just shown you the top 10 best-rated immigration consultants in Vancouver.

Do you know a consultancy firm we may have missed? Let us know in the comments section!    

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