IMM 1017 | A Complete Breakdown Of The Form And FAQs

IMM 1017 | A Complete Breakdown Of The Form And FAQs

What Is An IMM 1017 Form?

For every visa application, you will need to submit a medical report form to declare your sound health which is a very important part of your visa application journey.

The IMM 1017E is needed if anyone wishes to stay, study, and work in Canada for more than 6 months.

Who Will Need An IMM 1017E

Any foreign national wanting to spend longer than 6 months in Canada will be required to take a medical exam which is an integral part of your visa application.

When Will You Need To Take A Medical Exam?

You can get your medical exam after or before submitting your application, and if you seek to apply before you can get what is called an upfront medical exam.

An IMM 1017B form must be included in your application if you have taken an upfront medical exam. To get an upfront medical, you will need to contact a physician panel directly.

Whether applying for work, stay, or study, if the period of your stay is longer than 6 months then you will need a medical report attached to your visa application. If you get your medical exam after applying, the IRCC will provide you with guidance and this must be done within 30 days.

When arriving for your medical report exam, ensure you have the following documents with you:

  • Official ID documentation
  • Previous medical records and medications
  • Your IMM 1017E medical report form (not required for an upfront medical exam)

Important FAQs and Vital Info For Your IMM 1017 Medical Report Form

Here, we’ve listed the most frequent questions that contain vital facts and information that will guide you through your visa application and IMM 1017 Form.

How do I download an IMM 1017E form?

This is not usually required, as an upfront medical exam does not require you to have this form.

What is the IMM 1017B upfront medical report form?

An IMM 1017b is the form you’ll need to attach to your visa application if you have opted for the upfront medical exam, and is the most common method of obtaining a medical exam certificate.

What do I do when I have to submit my medical exam certificate?

Once you’ve completed your medical exam and received your medical report, you can attach and upload your certificate reports to your application through the online portal

What does proof of an upfront medical exam mean?

This is needed if you took an upfront medical exam and a copy of your IMM 1017b form given by your doctor must be attached to your application.

How do you obtain an upfront medical exam for a medical certificate?

For some visa types, you are required to take an upfront medical exam, such as the Express Entry Program, and you will need to directly contact a panel physician. If you are sponsored or are a dependent, you can’t get an upfront medical exam in most cases.

How do I view my medical certificate status for my visa application?

In your online portal, you can check your application status by going to the ‘check your application status.’

What is checked during a medical certificate exam for my visa?

During a medical certificate exam, you receive chest x-rays, a medical examination, an HIV test, and hepatitis B and C tests.

How can I upload my medical certificate to the IRCC portal?

You sign into your account and look for your application under the ‘view your application’ section. There is an ‘action’ column where you can check the status of your application, at the top of the page you can click on ‘view submitted application or upload documents.

Can my visa be rejected after I submit my medical certificate?

The medical certificate is an important part of your visa application and if not submitted, your visa will most likely be rejected. Also, if you have serious health problems, your case may have to be examined more finely.

How do you fail a medical certificate exam?

There are several ways you can fail your medical exam: If you are positive for infectious or spreadable diseases that leave the public at high risk. Physical or mental disorders that may cause disruptive or harmful behavior or impede your physical abilities

Substance abuse and addiction

What happens if I test positive for TB?

This will get you a Class-A TB Classification and all applicants with an abnormal chest x-ray that indicates TB infection will be referred to the health department for further evaluation.

How long is an IRCC medical certificate valid?

From the date of submission, your medical certificate will be valid for 12 months, whether issued within or outside of Canada.

That’s A Wrap!

When you are armed with all the facts and are guided by the best information, even the most stressful visa application can be handled, and if you have help from experts – you can know every step of your journey is firmly handled.

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