IMM 1283 | A Breakdown of the Financial Evaluation Form

IMM 1283 | A Breakdown of the Financial Evaluation Form

Your visa applications can seem daunting at best with all the different application forms and proofs required – and that’s why we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the IMM 1283 and when you’ll need to use this form.

What is An IMM 1283?

An IMM 1283 Financial Evaluation form is designed to help you evaluate if you have the financial means to support your sponsor and members of your family if you are planning on bringing any dependant with you. 

If your spouse is co-signing your documents, this is relevant to ensure proof you’ll have the ability to support your dependant financially.

When you are sponsoring someone that is not your spouse or partner and child, you’ll need to have proof of an income that will meet the minimum requirements for both yourself and your family members annually.

You can find the form and download it online for convenience and submit this at the appropriate time during your application journey.


If your spouse can meet the financial requirement on your behalf due to not having enough money, your co-signer can meet the same requirements of eligibility for the sponsor and agree to co-sign the application to the sponsor. This will let your spouse take on the responsibility to meet the basic financial requirements that are needed as the sponsor.

If your spouse co-signs with you, the co-signer will become liable too if the minimum financial requirements are not met. You also don’t need a co-signer if you are sponsoring a child as your dependent.

Minimum Income Requirement

The minimum income requirements for sponsorship in Canada include:

2 people household – $33,140

3 people household – $40,742

4 people household – $49,466

5 people household – $56,104

6 people household – $63,276

7 people household – $70,448

More than 7 person household, add – $7,172

Who Can Apply For A IMM 1283 Financial Evaluation form?

An IMM 1283 is required for anyone who plans on bringing a dependant or spouse when they work, study, live, or travel within the Canadian territories. This form is used to establish your financial ability to provide support for yourself and your family members during your time in Canada.

When Will You Need A Financial Evaluation Form?

This form will be needed during your visa application process and document submissions. You can check the requirements and progress through your online visa platform or consult with an immigration consultant for advice on the best route.

After waiting the minimum period of 5 years, you will need to complete this form along with your other applications to successfully sponsor your spouse and family members.

IMM 1283 | Important FAQs

We’ve detailed the most common and important questions concerning the IMM 1283 Financial Evaluation Form to help guide you during your application process.

Who should fill out the IMM 1283 form?

This form is filled out by anyone who is bringing a dependant/spouse with them and will help establish if you have the financial means to support your family members during this period.

How much income will I need to sponsor my spouse in Canada?

So long as you have employment or the means to support your family member, there is no minimum income requirement in most cases.

How much will it cost to sponsor my spouse in Canada?

The cost of sponsorship for your spouse and family member will vary depending on the nature of your stay in Canada and can range from $75 CAN for a Sponsorship fee to $515 CAN for a permanent residence fee.

Do I need to fill out an IMM 1283?

Yes, an IMM 1283 is required to assess your financial ability and will be your proof of your financial ability to support your spouse

How long will it take to sponsor my spouse in Canada, in 2022?

The 5-year sponsorship bars are still applicable and you can’t sponsor your spouse or any foreign national until you’ve been a permanent resident for at least 5 years.

Will I need a lawyer for spousal sponsorship in Canada?

No, a lawyer is not required for spousal sponsorship, although immigration consultants and lawyers will provide great help and insight during your application process.

The Takeaway

Whether sponsoring your spouse or other members of your family, you’ll need to prove you have the means to support them financially.

With expert advice and the right information, this stressful event can be a smooth and effortless experience, and with an immigration consultant, your application experience can be an even smoother experience.

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