IMM 1442 Visitor Record | A Complete Breakdown

The IMM 1442 visitor record is a versatile permit and applies to numerous temporary residence permits, and we’ve detailed everything you need to know.

IMM 1442 Visitor Record | A Complete Breakdown

What is An IMM 1442 Form?

An IMM 1442 is a temporary residence permit and visitor record that authorizes you to enter or continue to stay in Canada. Because the IMM 1442 contents differ depending on the nature of your visa, your visitor record and temporary residence will be different depending if you’re studying, working, etc.

This form is an important part of your temporary residence and will verify all your historical information and records.

An IMM 1442 is needed when you are issued the following:

  • work permits
  • study permits
  • Temporary Resident Permits
  • visitor records
  • And more

Study permit

Study permits are issued for those who wish to study at institutions in Canada and will include:

  • Where you studied
  • Travel restrictions (if applicable)
  • The date you need to departure from Canada

Work permit

Work permits allow foreign nationals the opportunity of working and living within Canadian territories, and include:

  • The work type
  • The employer
  • Work location
  • Work duration

Visitor record

Visitor records are issued for all foreign nationals to extend their stay in Canada for more than the standard 6 months and to specify the conditions and status of their stay, and includes:

  • Their conditions of admission
  • Departure date
  • Purpose of the stay

Temporary Resident Permit

A TRP is issued under unusual conditions for those who were inadmissible and are used to issue a special authorization to stay or enter Canada. These permits usually are only valid for up to 1 year.

Important FAQs

We’ve detailed the most important facts and questions to help you along this application process by highlighting the essential aspects of the IMM 1442 form.

How do I get a visitor’s record in Canada?

You need to apply for this permit 30 days before your status expires if you need an extension, and can be applied for from the IRCC – along with the relevant fees and documents.

What is an IMM 1442 travel document number?

This is your document that provides historical information about your travels and will provide verification for other temporary resident application documents..

What’s the difference between a visitor visa and a visitor record?

A visitor record is not the same as a visa and will give you status (which are the defined parameters of your stay). Your visitor record has an expiry date which you can extend to continue your stay in Canada.

How many times can I apply for a visitor record in Canada?

The number of times you apply is not taken into account, only the history of you as an applicant. If your reasons are valid there will be no issue with the number of needed extensions.

Can you print immigration forms online?

Yes, immigration forms can be downloaded through the official Canadian government website, which you can print and then submit.

How do I check my travel document status?

All travel documents and visa applications are checked via the status system that lets you keep track of the progress and status of your documentation, letting you track renewals and updates, etc.

Can I travel outside Canada with a visitor record?

With a visitor record, it’s important to stay within the defined parameters of your requirements. If you intend to travel outside of Canada, you’ll need to ensure you meet the reentry requirements.

What are 3 things you can not do with a visitor visa?

There are numerous things you can’t access with a visitor’s permit, and include traveling outside of Canada and studying or working outside of the status of your visitor permit.

What happens if I stay longer than 6 months in Canada with a visitor permit?

Stay extension and permit renewals are done within Canada within 30 days of your permit expiring and after paying a fee and meeting the requirements.

That’s A Wrap!

It’s safe to say that even visiting another country is stressful when it comes to the paperwork and visa aspects. The same applies to the IMM 1442 visitor record and its role in temporary resident applications.

Using an immigration consultant is the best way to ensure your entire application process is handled smoothly and in the best, making this journey as stressless for you as possible.

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