IMM 5444 PR Card Renewal | The Important Facts And FAQs

IMM 5444 PR Card Renewal | The Important Facts And FAQs

Let’s dive straight into the details regarding the IMM 544 and your PR Card Renewal as a permanent resident in Canada.

What Is An Imm 5444 Form?

The IMM 5444 form is for your PR card renewal for permanent residents and the IMM 5444e form is for new applicants needing a Permanent Resident Card. You will need to have all the relevant documents for your PR Card application on your document checklist, which will include your IMM 544 form.

What Are The Requirements For An IMM 5444?

You will need to meet the following requirements to qualify for a PR Card renewal application:

  • Have Permanent Residence in Canada
  • Live within Canada
  • Must not be under conflicting removal order from Canada or have other legal discrepancies 

A Guide On How To Fill IMM 5444 Form

You can download the IMM 5444 form and fill out each section accurately and completely and then submit your application and pay the associated fees.

You will then apply through one of the Case Processing Centres through the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’) 

The Processing Time For The IMM 5444 Form

The processing times of the Canadian PR Card renewal in 2022 is between 1 month to 1 year. This also depends on the nature of your case and the updated processing times.

Important FAQs and Facts | IMM 5444

We’ve detailed the most relevant and important questions to help guide you and clarify any uncertainty you have in your application process.

Will I lose my status if I forget to renew my card?

You won’t lose your permanent resident status if you have not renewed your permanent resident card, your card will expire.

What steps should I take in case I have lost my card?

You must contact the IRCC if you lost your permanent resident card in Canada.

How do I submit additional documents to PR?

4 steps you can take to submit your PR documents:

  • Sign in to your IRCC account
  • Find your application and view the status of your submissions
  • Check the ‘Action’ column for a detailed status of your application
  • You can upload documents at the top of the page (‘View submitted application or upload documents’

What happens if you don’t renew your PR card in Canada?

Your PR status will remain the same but your PR Card will expire and need to be revalidated if you need to leave the country to access certain services within Canada.

Can I renew my PR card if I have a criminal record?

If you can be considered rehabilitated by the IRCC, you can receive PR status. Alternatively, you can pursue Temporary Resident Permanent if Criminal Rehabilitation is not a desirable first option for those still wanting to stay in Canada.

How can I speed up my permanent residence application?

You can speed up your PR Card application by providing every document and piece of information you’re asked to provide and informing the IRCC of any changes to personal information immediately. It’s important to also ensure every document and photocopy you provide is clear and valid.

Do I need to renew my PR after 5 years?

You’ll need to renew your PR Card after 5 years if you wish to travel and re enter Canada, and as a Permanent Resident, you’ll need a PR Card to access certain services within Canada.

Can my PR renewal be rejected in Canada?

Under certain situations, your PR Card renewal can be rejected if you fail to meet your obligations as a Canadian Resident, and this can be appealed with the IAD.

Can I go home while waiting for PR?

If you still need to travel while waiting for your PR Card renewal, you can travel as a permanent resident with a PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) in order to return to Canada via vehicle, etc – and can only be applied outside of Canada.

What is the fastest way to get permanent residency in Canada?

The Express Entry program is the quickest and fastest route to permanent residency in Canada and the most popular immigration program. You can apply through this system to gain PR status.

Our Conclusion

If your PR Car is set to expire and you’re required to travel outside of Canada, you’ll have trouble entering Canada until this is resolved.]

That’s why we always suggest that after the initial 5 years, we always get our PR Cards renewed and active.

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