IMM 5562 Supplementary Information Form | A Complete Breakdown

IMM 5562 Supplementary Information Form | A Complete Breakdown

What is An IMM 5562 Form?

The IMM 5562 is a supplementary information form for your travels that you need to fill out when you visit Canada. It is important to prepare and submit your application form together with all the other required documentation when applying for several immigration services like citizenship and permanent residence.

This form is used to detail all your trips outside of your country within the last decade and within this form, applicants must enter accurate information about both you and your family members that are part of your application.

Who Will Need To Apply For An IMM 5562 Form?

Any applicant who is seeking to immigrate and live within Canada will need to complete and submit an IMM 5562 supplementary form that contains all the relevant details about their travels and their family member’s in the last decade and is filed together with the permanent resident application, citizenship application, and more.

When Will You Need An IMM 5562 Form?

When you are busy preparing your permanent resident or citizenship application, you’ll need to submit an IMM 5563 form along with the other relevant documents required. This form is usually submitted after your main application is completed but is always confirmed with your document checklist or immigration agent.

How Can You Apply For An IMM 5562 Form?

Table A is for your trips and Table B is for your spouse or partner’s trip details. Table C, D, and E are for children and other family members. The length of your trip, the dates, the destinations, and the purpose of the trip should be noted.

First, add your full name and then list the trips both you and your family members made outside of your country in the last decade, no matter the nature of the trip. You can check ’did not travel’ if this is not applicable to you during this period.

You can download the IMM 5563 form and submit the form once completed. Once completed, you can validate your form, print it, and then later date the form and sign it.

It’s recommended to check your form online to ensure no mistake that will trigger delays and issues with your entire application.

Important FAQs and Facts | IMM 5563

Below, we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions and concerns about the IMM 5563 form.

Is travel history important for Canada PR?

For PR and citizenship programs like Express Entry, you’ll need to provide a detailed history of your travels outside of your country during the last decade. This is also necessary for your spouse or dependent under your application.

How do I download my Canadian travel history form?

You can download the IMM 5564 form via the official Canadian government website.

How do I validate an IMM form?

On your online platform, you can select the Validate button when you submit or complete your forms online. Many applications are now done digitally and the steps have been made as simple as possible.

How do I complete IMM 5562?

You will need to fully detail all your travels outside of your country for the last decade after downloading the IMM 5562 form online

Does IRCC verify travel history?

Through a system known as the Entry/Exit Program, the IRCC can validate travelers when going in and out of the country. Based on the joint operation between the United States and Canada, this process is made easier for many.

Does IRCC check travel history?

Travel checks and history confirmations are essential for optimal border management, and Canada collects basic geographic details of those who enter the country through travel history checks.

Does IRCC verify personal history?

All information that you provide in your travel history checks, permanent residence application, and other immigration programs are verified and checked to ensure accurate and sound information is always provided. The IRCC is highly competent when it comes to information verification to ensure the best practices are always followed.

Our Conclusion

While it may seem daunting trying to secure all the information required for your applications and IMM 5562 form, we’ve provided all the details you’ll need to start this application process.

While it’s possible to complete this journey alone, when you have the help of experienced experts in the immigration field, knowing your agent will take care of every aspect of your application is a comfort like no other,

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