IMM 5645 | Tips & FAQs On Using The Family Information Form

Without some guidance, filling and completing your visa application forms will be daunting and stressful at best and we’ve detailed everything you need to know.

IMM 5645 | Tips & FAQs On Using The Family Information Form

What Is The IMM 5645 Form?

An IMM 5645 Form is an essential part of your temporary residence or visitor visa application forms. The IMM5645 will need to be submitted to the IRCC along with other vital documents as part of the temporary residence or visitor visa requirements.

Who Needs To Fill And Complete The IMM 5645 Form?

If you are 18 years or older, whether accompanying or applying alone, you’ll need to fill out the IMM 5645 Form as part of your temporary residence applications or visitor visa requirements. 

It is also wise to check what the specific requirements may be for your country of residence, in case there are more steps or forms to fill out and complete.

Instruction Guide For The IMM 5645 Form

We’ve listed the instructions you’ll need to follow to meet the criteria for your IMM 5645 Form, which is included in your temporary resident visa application:

  • Prove to the immigration officer that you have no intention of overstaying your visa timeframe
  • Prove you have the funds and financial means to support yourself and cover your expenses during your stay in Canada
  • Show that you have no intention of working or looking for a job and stay within the restrictions of your visa 
  • Prove you don’t have a criminal history and pose no risk
  • Prove with the correct documentation that you are in good health

IMM 5645 Form | Important FAQs

We’ve included the most important questions and answers you’ll need to know, as well as the unexpected ones that might prevent a mistake or submission delay for your IMM 5645 Form.

Must I fill out the IMM 5645 form if I’m applying for a Visitor visa?

Yes, because the IMM5645 is included in your visitor or temporary residence visa application.

Can I use the Upper-Case for all columns when filling out the IMM 5645 form?

Yes, upper-case can be used.

Must I include my middle name when completing the form?

Use your exact name as written in your passport.

For a married but deceased family member, what should I write on Marital Status?

Under this section, you can write married

My son is still a baby and I am filling out this form for him, should I sign or leave the signature empty?

You must sign on his behalf if your son is not of legal age to sign himself.

If a minor is applying for an IMM 5645 form, who will need to sign – the parent or the child?

The legal guardian or parent must sign.

If I don’t have children, should I leave that section blank or write Not Applicable?

Write N/A or Not Applicable in this case.

If I have a PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) and am applying for temporary residence, must I write Visitor or Worker as the type of application in the IMM 5645 form?

You should write Worker on your PGWP if you intend to work.

Do I have to print, sign, scan, and submit the form physically if I’m unable to sign the IMM 5645 form digitally?

Yes, as some forms don’t have an electronic signature available.

Do I need to write my name twice when the IMM 5645 form asks me to write my name in English and my native language?

Yes, you should write your name in both sections.

My last name has a different spelling to my mother’s and father’s last name, and is printed in my passport that way – should I attach a Letter of Explanation to detail this situation?

It is always recommended to attach a Letter of Explanation regardless of what the passport states, as this can reduce any delays in your application.

What should I do if my parents are deceased and I have no brother, sister, spouse, or children?

Enter a date as close to your knowledge as possible and then stick to that date as it will be recorded with the CIC.

If I have no contact with my father or know where his residence is, what should I do with that section in my IMM 5645 form?

You can write Unknown in this section.

Should I leave the “spouse or common-law partner” section empty if my husband is deceased?

Section A must still be filled as usual but select the Widowed status to specify your case.

Should I use my mother’s current last name or maiden name for the name of mother section in my IMM 5645 form?

Use the name as shown exactly in your passport.

Do I need to fill out the form separately if I am accompanying my husband?

Yes, you will need to fill out a separate form.

Who is the main applicant if I am applying to accompany him – my husband or myself?

In this case, your husband will be the main applicant and you will be the accompanying member of the family.

My sister and brother are already in Canada – do I need to provide their information or only my parent’s details?

You need to fill out all the information required in the IMM 5645 form exactly as asked.

I am applying for an Open Work Permit as a spouse, should I put Worker or Other in the first column?

In this case, you should write Worker.

Because my agent has sent me a 09-2010 version – what is the most up-to-date IMM 5645 form?

Any form older than the IMM 5645 01-2021 is an out-of-date form.

Rest Easy With The Best Advice And Guidance

Despite being able to complete these forms alone, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to navigate the many details of all the forms required for your visa application.

Using the best source of advice and guidance is the ultimate way to ensure this process is made easier for you.

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