IMM 5669 | How To Fill The Schedule A Background Declaration

IMM 5669 | How To Fill The Schedule A Background Declaration

What Is An IMM 5699 Form?

The IMM 5699 Form is a Schedule A Background Declaration form that needs to be submitted to submit an application through spousal sponsorship or family sponsorship. This allows you to become a sponsor for your family.

How To Fill and Complete The IMM 5669?

To complete the  IMM 5669 Application Form you will need to download, print, sign, scan, and submit the form manually. This is due to not all IMM forms having an electronic signature.

Who Can Complete An IMM 5669 Application Form?

You can complete an IMM 5669 Application Form if you are the following:

  • A Principal Candidate
  • The Spouse or children (over 18 years old) of a Principal Candidate

Vital FAQs And Info For Your IMM 5669 Application Form

We’ve provided a breakdown of the most important questions and answers you’ll need to know about, to ensure you have all the info you might need to successfully complete your IMM 5669 Application Form.

Does this form need the applicant to sign electronically or manually?

This form requires you to manually sign after printing out the form.

Can I apply and fill out this form online, and how do we validate the information and find errors if we fill out the form digitally?

This form can’t be validated online. We suggest filling out the PDF copy and validating that. Once the information is proven successful, you can enter and submit the applications.

If my address does not fit the character limit, how do I provide my full address?

You can expand your full address details in a Word Document that is attached to your application.

What should I do for questions 9 to 12, as it says to not abbreviate and the school name for my spouse does not fit the character limit?

You can use an abbreviation if you provide the details of your Letter of Explanation

If my application was returned because my Background declaration was incomplete, do I need to submit a new application form?

You will need a new application as the returned application can’t be resubmitted.

What should I write under Mother’s Name At Birth, her married last name, or her maiden name?

If stipulated, use her maiden name given at birth.

This form is asking for the full details of all my secondary and post-secondary education, but my express entry application did not need a full breakdown – should I include all the details in this form?

In this section, you will need to expand on all your education details.

For a period of 1 year I was unemployed and used this time to prepare for my IELTS and student visa – should I mention this 1 year period or should I include more?

Always give the most up-to-date and factual information for your application.

If your Sponsor is also your Spouse, such as a husband sponsoring his wife, should I also complete the Background Schedule A, by ticking the Spouse box?

Yes, you will need to fill it out by checking the Spouse box at the top/

Do I need to include traffic violations in my background declaration and if so, Do we need to document the proof that the fees and legal aspects were settled?

No, this is not required.

If my spouse was refused a study permit to Australia, do I need to include that refusal letter?

If not asked, you don’t need to attach those refusal letters.

For my history, I worked for a company for a 3-year period while completing my M.Tech – what should I include in this section?

For the same timeline, you are able to use 2 different rows, as it is always essential to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What should I include under the elementary education section and what field of study would be applicable?

In this section, you can enter your subjects, like Science, Math, English, etc.

For Personal History, do I need to complete all the sections if I don’t have a lot of history?

No, as long as all your information was entered accurately and is up-to-date.

If I suffered from depression while studying in Canada, should I mention this in the Health section when asked if I had any serious injuries or mental disorders?

We would suggest no, as this could affect your application outcome, as certainly no if your studies were not affected by it.

If I was unemployed during my preparation for my visa, what should I input for that period?

Mention that you were unemployed – always provide factual and up-to-date information to prevent any rejections or future delays.

Do I need to add every detail of what my activities were as a 21-year-old since I was of legal age?

Yes, you will need to detail everything that is involved in your history and background, etc.

Question 6 asks if admission was refused or an applicant ordered to leave, what should I write if the applicant was refused in the past?

Select the Yes box and then provide the specific case details.

Will having an older version of the IMM 5669 form affect my application?

Always use the latest version to avoid any refusals or delays caused by an outdated document – and the latest IMM 5669 form is dated 01-2021.

If I don’t have a surname, what name should I write on my application form?

Always use the name that is shown exactly on your passport.

If a trip took 7 days or less, do I need to add those details to my history?

This is not required as it does not exceed 7 days.

Must I include tourism and travel in other countries under question 8?

In this section, you can just provide Travelling as you will be asked about travel details in a different form.

And That’s A Wrap!

Your visa applications don’t need to be complex and daunting with the right advice and expert guidance. We know how stressful the entire process is and have provided many solutions for a wide range of case types.

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