IMM 5710 | Tips & FAQs For Your Work Permit Extension Form

With the best advice that details everything you need to know about a Work Permit Extension Form, we’ve detailed the facts you need for your IMM 5710 form.

IMM 5710 | Tips & FAQs For Your Work Permit Extension Form

What is An IMM 5710 Form?

The IMM 5710 Form is a document that you use when you want to extend the duration of your stay and continue to work in Canada if you are a temporary resident.

Who Can Apply With An IMM 5710 Form?

As a temporary resident, you can use the IMM 5710 Form if you are currently holding a valid work permit and wish to extend your stay. It’s important to note that you must apply for a work permit extension at least 90 days before your current permit expires, and you can’t have worked in Canada for more than 4 years.

To apply and be qualified for a work permit as a temporary citizen, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Hold a work visa
  • Hold a student visa
  • Be a graduate of an educational institution in Canada
  • Be registered as a refugee
  • Be a live-in caregiver
  • Be the spouse or dependant of a temporary resident who holds a work permit
  • And in the case where you are entitled to a NAFTA agreement

How to prepare for the IMM 5710 application?

It’s important to have a scanner or digital camera to create electronic copies of your required documents, as well as have a valid credit/debit care for the fees

Once your documentation is in order and uploaded electronically, you will be required to answer some questions online through the submission screen to complete your form.

Some individuals depending on the location will need to pay additional fees to validate their biometrics when the application has been submitted.

FAQs And Vital Facts For Completing Your IMM 5710 Application Form

We’ve detailed the most important question and answers to help guide you along the process of completing your IMM 5710 application form successfully.

If my passport has been recently renewed, within the last month, will I need to apply with my old passport or my new one?

It’s best to add both passports to your file after a recent renewal.

What documents will I need to start my application?

You will need a medical exam, a scanned copy of your passport, and an electronic photograph of yourself with a white background.

Where can I find a UCI and why do I need it?

Your UCI can be found in your work/study permit and is your Unique Client Identifier that is on all your official documentation to track all your visa application details.

Do all the fields marked with an asterisk* need to be filled? 

Yes, as the fields marked with an asterisk* are used to indicate an essential section of your application if it applies to your case. If not, mark it as N/A.

Do I need to complete my employment history or can I leave it empty? Will there be an issue if this section is blank?

Yes, even if you can only fill one field, don’t leave this area blank as this may cause unneeded delays in your application.

Will I need my college transcripts attached if the previous credits are not of any use?

If you have credit from your previous college where you studied in Canada, you must include your transcript. But if it’s from a college where the credits are not in use, this won’t be necessary.

When applying for my extension, an error states “Your status expiry date in the answer you provided previously does not correspond to the Restoration in your form” – what should I do next?

If your work permit has not expired yet, you will need to select “apply for a work permit with the same or new employer” and not Restoration.

What should I do if I can’t write anything in the signature box for this file, and will I need to print, sign, and scan this document?

This form is completed online and you will only need to provide your digital signature towards the end of your application, which will be your name.

If  I am renewing my permit and have the same employer, should I provide my employer details in the “Details of Intended Work…” or leave it empty?

As you are renewing your permit with the same employer, you can simply fill out your employer’s name.

Can I apply for a PGWP ( Post Graduation Work Permit) without a completion letter accompanying my form?

For applicants applying for a PGWP, you won’t need to submit your application with a final transcript/ letter of completion.

Who can be eligible for a Post Graduation Work Permit?

To be eligible, you must have completed a field of study for a minimum period of 8 months which led to obtaining a degree/certificate/diploma and have studied full time without breaks from your studies during the academic year.

Is the Post Graduation Work Permit an Open Work Permit?

A PGWP and open work permit act the same by letting foreign nationals work in Canada.

While I wait for my work permit extension, am I able to leave Canada?

If you have applied for a permit extension, you can leave Canada and return while waiting for your application to be processed.

If I was working illegally after my Post Graduation Work Permit expired, will I be penalized for that in light of the recent special measures?

The special measure implemented by the IRCC has allowed no legal ramifications for your unauthorized employment, but you must disclose this information while applying for your PGWP Extension.

Advice From The Best To Ensure The Best Outcome

We know how stressful this entire experience can be, from ensuring all the details are correct to fully understand all the requirements of your application.

With the right advice and expert advice, this extremely important part of your life can be simplified and handled with ease.

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