May 6: Permanent Residence for Canadian post-secondary graduates

May 6 is going to feature Immigration Canada’s launch of the new immigration pathways. IRCC’s website lists more details. This article is for Canadian post-secondary institution graduates who are considering the new pathway.

Practical Tips to Prepare for May 6

First off: this is not legal advice. If you are looking for legal advice, please consult a consultant registered with the ICCRC or a Canadian lawyer. No consultant, lawyer, or agent has any visibility into what is going to happen on May 6 (twitter proof)

However. This does not mean we cannot be prepared, right?

Who is Eligible for those with a Canadian post-secondary degree

The full details are here and our simple summary is as follows

  • you have a degree/diploma/certificate from a Canadian university or college that you received in 2017 or after;
  • you have a job; and
  • your English test meets the CLB 5 level

Meet the requirements? Here is why you should be getting ready for May 6 early.

Why be Prepared for May 6

Expected to sell out in 1 day. We have heard anywhere from 1 hour to 1 month. One hour has happened in the past with the Ontario master’s graduate program. We definitely do not agree with the 1 month estimate.

We believe everything will start and finish on May 6. This short post will assume a one day start and finish, and prepare you accordingly.

Documents You Will Need for a PR Application

You will definitely be asked to fill out an IMM0008. We had to fill out an IMM0008 at various stages over the last 10 years, and things have not changed.

You want a completed copy of the IMM0008. The information you use in this form will be repeated across several forms you will be filling out on May 6, so having the info filled out will make things easier for you.

Assume that you will need copies of any documents you reference in the IMM0008. These are a few:

  • passports,
  • visas,
  • education credentials,
  • English testing scores,
  • others

…any information that you had to physically look up while filling out the IMM0008, you should have an electronic copy ready.

Additional Helpful Items

With less than 36 hours to go, here are a few other things that would help in preparing your application. Note that these may not be required on the day of, and so these are recommended only for the more preparation-minded folks

Printer and Scanner

You do not want to be wasting time going to a printer shop or a friend’s place to print or scan your documents. The application process may be online, but a lot of the paperwork still remains paper-based. You could be asked to sign documents or asked to attach extended travel records.

A black and white printer should be fine.

PR Photographs

You will be asked to take photographs for your PR. Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs (for those in BC) have photo booths where a photographer could take photos that meet the specifications for a PR application.

You will need PR-spec photographs anyway, so you may as well get them done at this time.

Would Consultants or Lawyers Increase My Chances?

Neither group has any insight into the application process for this stream. For regular applications, working with a consultant or lawyer could help if your application is not straightforward, such as a prior rejection.

However, do not expect that working with a consultant or a lawyer is going to secure your seat in the 40,000 spots.

We wish you the best with applying to this program. We will update this article when we find more information to help you.

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