Why Use An Immigration Consultant

For some, being a permanent resident of Canada is a straightforward process. Others might need a little help.

Indeed, the procedures and requirements of Canadian immigration can be confusing. Although the Canadian government’s main site presents the steps, much is left to the applicant’s imagination.

This is where an immigration consultant comes in. An immigration consultant helps visa applicants gather the right documents. They also help applicants by pointing them in the right direction when it comes to which steps to take.

With what they are capable of, immigration consultants can help you with your immigration.

This is why you need to enlist the services of one.

This article is a list of reasons why you need to use an immigration consultant.

Using An Immigration Consultant Can Protect You From Fraud


If you go on Quora and Reddit, you will see numerous threads about fake immigration consultants. You ought to be careful of fake immigration consultants if you want to save time and money.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or the IRCC has rules about this. As per the IRCC’s regulations, immigration consultants cannot charge money for their services unless they are registered.

In Canada, immigration consultants are registered under the Immigrations Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This regulatory body is responsible for licensing and certifying immigration consultants.

Canadian immigration consultants are registered professionals. Hence, they have license numbers. A license proves that they have undergone rigorous training on Canada’s immigration policies.

As well, the ICCRC as a regulatory body allows you to lookup an immigration consultant. You can go on the ICCRC site and search for an immigration consultant. The ICCRC’s database includes not only the license numbers of immigration consultants.

The database also contains the Canadian province or territory in which an immigration consultant practices. As well, you can also see a consultant’s current status (e.g. active, suspended, revoked license).

In short, there are ways to check on a Canadian immigration consultant. With a regulatory body, you can easily determine whether or not a consultant is legitimate or a fraud.

An Immigration Consultant Can Objectively Determine Your Chances Of Success

You need to understand that an immigration consultant does not guarantee you chances of success.

On the contrary, he or she could help maximize your chances of success by helping you with documents and procedures. This does not mean a 100% guarantee of success.

No immigration consultant can guarantee success.

Nevertheless, an immigration consultant worth his or her RCIC license is duty-bound to be honest with you about your chances.

He or she knows the Canadian immigration process. Hence, he or she could tell you if your documents and credentials make you eligible for a certain immigration program. After an assessment of your credentials, you could be informed about your chances of success. An immigration consultant can also advise you on what to do to maximize your chances of success.

Because a Canadian immigration consultant determines your chances, he or she can help with the next item on the list.

A Canadian Immigration Consultant Can Give You Options

Oftentimes, permanent resident applicants get too focused on one program. As a result, many gather documents and credentials to be eligible for one specific immigration program.

Although this often warrants the IRCC’s approval of an application, things could go wrong. Sometimes, you may still be ineligible for the program for which you are applying.

For your information, Canada has over 60 different immigration programs. A Canadian immigration consultant knows all of these. With that in mind, he or she could provide you with alternatives if you find yourself ineligible for one program.

For instance, imagine that you are applying for an Express Entry program. As you may already know, the Express Entry system’s programs target skilled workers. If your work experience does not fall under the “skilled” NOC category, you will be ineligible to apply.

An immigration consultant versed in the different immigration programs can provide you with an alternative. He or she may recommend other programs like the Provincial Nominee Program or the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.  These allow semi-skilled and unskilled workers to immigrate to Canada.

A Canadian Immigration Consultant Can Help With Your Documents


Documents are an important part of the Canadian immigration process. The right documents in the right specifications can mean the difference between getting your Canadian visa or not.

Documents are the IRCC’s way of knowing who you are and what you can bring to Canada. For this reason, your application will either be accepted or rejected based on documentation. When it comes to giving the right documents, immigration consultants can help in the following ways:

By Clarifying Specifications

Immigration consultants will not only inform you of the right document. He or she will also advise you on the right specifications.

For example, one of the requirements of family sponsorship is a letter of support from the sponsor. A letter could be written in many ways. However, the sponsor may fail to include the required pieces of information.

With an immigration consultant, the sponsor will not just receive help with drafting the letter. The consultant will also advise the sponsor on the required information. This will eliminate the chances of rejection or delays in a sponsorship application.

Another example is biometrics. Most applicants already know that biometrics are one’s fingerprints and photograph. If one’s fingerprints and photographs do not follow the IRCC’s guidelines, then the IRCC may return the application.

Again, an immigration consultant can help by providing you reminders and guidelines on biometric submission.

By Working On Alternatives

You might find yourself unable to provide a certain document. If you go about your application on your own, you may have to research what to do. This can be very time-consuming if not frustrating.

An immigration consultant knows enough about the requirements of Canadian immigration. As well, he or she has been trained to understand the purpose of each requirement. Using this knowledge, he or she could help you by presenting an alternative document.

To illustrate, you may be unable to secure a certificate of employment from your employer. If you hire an immigration consultant, he or she could tell you about documents you could present in place of an employment certificate.

An Immigration Consultant Can “Organize” The Process For You

Sometimes, you might just need clarity on where to start.

The immigration process is simple in some areas. However, it could be a little tricky in some areas. The process can even be confusing for some immigration programs.

Let us use the Quebec Skilled Worker Program as an example.

Quebec has its own immigration program for skilled workers. To qualify, you should not have a profile in the Express Entry Selection system.

However, you have to enroll in Quebec’s Express Entry program. You must do this by going to Quebec’s Arrima portal where you have to create your Quebec Express Entry profile. This acts as an “Expression of Interest”.

Everything seems straightforward until this point. But, at the time of writing, Quebec has added a new requirement- an attestation of learning. This is similar to the citizenship test of Canada. Except, this one is for Quebec.

Quite likely, you are unsure of which step to take first between the Expression of Interest and Attestation of Learning.

When you do not know which step to take first, you need the help of an immigration consultant. Canadian immigration consultants are professionals. They are trained and tested on the ins and outs of the Canadian immigration process.

Using their in-depth understanding of procedures, immigration consultants can simplify the steps for you.


So, why do you need an immigration consultant?

First, using an immigration consultant gives you a chance to deal with a licensed professional. The licensed professionals are under the watchful eye of the IRCC and ICCRC. Oversight by these two bodies ensures accountability and protects you from fake consultants.

In addition, an immigration consultant can increase your chances of success. Consultants can do this by helping you with documentation. Immigration consultants can also assist you with the steps and other requirements for your visa application.

In summary, the services of a licensed Canadian immigration consultant will almost always be worth the investment. 

So, why do you need to use an immigration consultant?

An even better question would be this:

Why would you not?

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